Yes, we have no bananas...

Got to hand it to the drug cartels. .they keep coming up with way cool ways to sneak the potent illegal substances into the hands of the waiting junkies...
love this.. too bad it didn't quite work..

seems that the boys packed the white stuff into plastic plantains [ quite realistic artificial fruit ] and buried them in a shipment of real plantains heading into the US/Canada from points south.. things would have worked out just fine [ though how the boys at the receiving end would spot the fakes among the genuine if they were that accurate a knockoff ] except that in transit the load ' settled ' and some of the dummy fruits split their seams.. food inspectors at Customs noted the unusual dust on the fruit and voila..

better luck next time.. good effort, mind.. one more thing to check when examining melons at the supermarket...should have tried something with a bit harder shell...eggplant? guava?..ugli?? pineapples!!!

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