yes scary thought, but er, its your round!

here is something, how many people are on camp over new year? not many.
where is the army? all pissed up and puking somewhere.
Where is the navy/RAF? all pissed up in their respective/alleged leave locations.
Thought about world domination?
I recon a small taskforce of only two thousand or so men could easily sail up the river thames just after midnight on ANY new years eve and take control of london! add it together with 3 or 4 secondhand russian jets launced over france we'd be fcuked!
there would be no one here to react, but hey, it'll never happen to us... whose round is it anyway?
is that some kind of cockney rhyming slang? bizzar thought tho eh? no that im worried, i doubt they'll invade the north east!
No! No! Not the North East - think about the kindly old gent on Tyne Tees Telly!!!!!!

And me!
All geordies should fry...

BB is a geordie I believe :D

The case for the prosecution rests

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