Yes im not in the Army, but could be an Army Walt......

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Crabmin, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. Hi

    I have to admit some trepidation at actually coming here. Why? Because Im not in the Army for one, even worse Im a Crab (note - not a mover). I have spoken to a few of you over at WW2 in colour and you have encouraged me to come here. As I am a glutton for punishment (yes please Matron), I thought I would introduce myself first.

    I have served several tours with my Prurple Helmet (were good friends now) and can honestly say that some of my best laughs have been with the Army. I remember the time in Kosovo, it was October and I was chased from behind (ooer) by an RSM shouting "soldier, SOLDIER, stand still". It was October something and of course you lot had to have your sleeves rolled down and Softies on, even though it was 85 degrees. Once he got in front of me, the immortal words rolled from his tounge - ' youre a ******* Crab!'. " Yes Sir" I said. " Why are your effing sleeves rolled up?".
    " Cause were allowed to Sir, says me"
    "Dont you have Army QR's in the Air Force then, bawled the quickly reddening RSM!
    Er, no Sir we have Air Force QR's, says a slightly confused me?

    "Crab bastard", says RSM and promptly walks away towards some poor squaddies venting his rage and mumbling something about sideburns.


    Anyway, thats my intro, if Im not welcome here please say so and I will not post again.


  2. You Rucky rucky B'stard, sure it wuz an RSM?
    Once saw a Brig have two crabs locked up when they failed to get out their Rover when addressing him.
    Ah the good old days.
    Sounds like ya met a Local Acting Unpaid Lance Jack or more likely a Trained soldier just out of depot.
  3. Welcome crab. Don't the blue jobs have something similar to this pongo site?
    Will you be able to hold your head up high in the street after frattenising with us?
  4. Evenin Crabby,


  5. Welcome aboard, crabmin. I'm sure we can use you in some trivial manner.....
  6. LOl, Im sure it was some kind of RSM, BSM, CSM, Lance-sergeant thingy, as all the squaddies anywhere near me were either frozen with fear, or running for their lives.

    Then again that could describe Dale Winton? Anyone who was in kosovo at the time will remember the crappy CSE visit of Jo Guest (who wore a polo) and fekin Germany-Beadle - yeah that really cheared us up.
  7. When were you in th Vo?
  8. If I read that right, Oct 01- Feb 02, I know, you do 6 month tours and we usually do 4 month tours.
  9. Mmm, the crabs with us in Pristina in June 99 stayed the full 6 months. Some good lads but as far as trade disciplines were concerned, the RAF were still in the 60's.
  10. Welcome to Arrse mate!

    Looking forward to all the meaningless banter!
  11. Crabmin,

    Please learn to spell; you are letting the side down!!!

    MIC, Probably the "Crabs" in Pristina at that time would have been TCW, I spent my Xmas and New Year there, I do not think there were many other RAF there, one or two, a few HQ wallas at the old "film" (Porno) factory.
  12. Hello crabmin welcome to ARRSE :D

    Now his is an example of a decent, reasonable introductory post from a new member.

    Moronic vermin infesting the site currently take note

    ARRSE users do not automatically hate all new members just w@nkers like yourselves that do not think they need to bother with basic, common courtesies like in "the real world". When you dross can be bothered with being less offensive I shall return the behaviour. Until then I will continue to show you the same level of discourtesy.
  13. Well said that chap.

    There are not many of the light blue types on here, so always nice to see another one,we have nothing like this.
  14. Really? Aren't there enough of you or have the cutbacks been that severe? Seriously though, that is surprising.

    Welcome, Crabmin. We always need more people to make the virtual tea. :)
  15. We are pretty thin on the ground these days, the chops have been pretty bad.

    However, this is ARRSE, Army, so I think it scares a few away, but the RAF have nothing nearly as good as this! The one RAF site I looked at was utter pump!

    I hope more light blue see the light and join ARRSE, more joiners means less virtual brews I have to make ha ha.