Yes, I Am Whingeing!!!!

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by philarmy, Jun 17, 2011.

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  1. I have read threads on here about crap clerks. I have seen numerous crap clerks get promoted apparently based on the fact that they are oustspoken or they make a point of kissing arse. I must own up to not doing either of these pre-requisites for promotion in the SPS. I go about my business quietly and I like to think I do an excellent job. The lads in my Coy say so (and the infantry don't like to blow smoke up a crap clerk's arse) the other clerks all say so and the SNCOs say so. I am not shy but neither am I outspoken. All my reports acknowledge my technical ability and hard work and I am still passing my fitness tests. Should I maybe toss it off, blag my work, belittle people who come to me for help and get myself downgraded in order to get promoted or should I persevere? I have now been a full screw for 8 years and the injustice is starting to get to me.
  2. You're upset then?
  3. The army promotion system is bent, they say it is fair, but it is not. Until the system changes nothing you can do about it. The cherry on top is your CLM may be out of date and you will have to resit it. The rules/goalposts have moved right and more inflexible.

    I would seriously look at work outside the wire, and study like a demon and get uber qualified so when you do get out, all those morons who did get promoted will not be in your standard of work.

    My biggest gripe is the promotion system and how biased it is, and you always get the WO or Officer saying its fair, bollocks.
  4. Are you in any way, related to Stacker1?
  5. Touchy? 234 (10 characters!)
  6. Just a tad. It's fecking irritating when I see fat incompetent wasters get promoted to Sgt and even SSgt when they have spent a great deal of their time blatantly blagging their way through each working day or worse...coming to me for advice on how to do their job. Don't get me wrong, I am not claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread (or that everyone who gets promoted is shit) but I do my job well and take pride in providing a quality service to the lads. I stay current with our ever changing job and I have also always been fit and deployable. It's not about the pay as I am only a couple of grand a year worse off than our FSA (who is good for the record). However, these cnuts should not be allowed to cheat their way to the top and also get a better pension. Merit is obviously a dirty word in the SPS!!!
  7. This is where you fail. The Army expects you to be a gobby, jack-the-lad type who 'does sport' and gets pissed in the Naafi/Mess every night.

    "Quiet, professional types" don't get anywhere because the Army is full of c*nts these days.
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  8. Hope you is not referring to my self Mr Recce, I am in no way related to that chap, I have a family tree, not a family that lives in one...
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  9. Perish the very thought!.........The OP however.......:grin:

  10. hmm methinks he may be from the Genus stackerstackerus a life form that slipped into the genepool whilst the lifeguard was not looking, the amoebas were very upset about this, plankton went of and sulked and the trilobytes wondered what the fuss is about, can be identified by the callous inbetween the webbing of the index finger and thumb. Scientists have a theory it is caused by blanket counting rituals though no supplementary evidence exists. Can be found on the forums of Arsse quite regulary often in the vicinity of [sic] jarrod. Do not approach, and never ever engage in conversation, because somewhere a fairy dies and we all know the RAF are keen on retention ...
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  11. Get out and start a new life. Just don't be surprised when you encounter exactly the same crock of shit as a civilian.
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  12. If you want to get promoted, stop wanking at your desk!

    That only works in the Marines.
  13. As in highlander, "There can be only one"

    On a serious note, the OP needs to ask where he came on the board. The 2010 loggie board had 210 Cpls not qualified (so couldn't get promoted) upon closer inspection Glasgow fucked up. A third of my SCLM course were not originally boarded until it was proved they were qualified.
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  14. Stacker I give you a hard time, but being serious here is it true about the **** up, as I am compiling evidence at the moment on APC Glasgow not being fit for purpose in some regards.

    I know of several soldiers being passed over for promotion time after time, especially the loggies that work for me.

    If you work at a non loggie unit it seems like the guys get forgotten about or worse there SJARs even though well written are not getting them the points on the board.

    There seems a culture of mainstream having priority whilst those at smaller specialised units being treated as second class citizens, I think the same has happened here to the OP.

  15. Philarmy, you make some very good points, there are a few problems with the AGC (SPS) promotion system, people get promoted too early without enough experience at times, and this is an result of bad retention; the gaps need to be covered and people are promoted quickly to fill the gaps. There is also a culture in the AGC (SPS) that if you are a SNCO that you don’t always have to attend PT, in my last 2 units before leaving the Army I was the only AGC (SPS) SNCO in my unit who turned up to PT (other clerks weren’t even downgraded but still very rarely did PT), at some units I have been based at there was no organised PT; the rule was 'PT is your lunchtime or your own time' which completely goes against the whole theory of 'Fit to fight' and 'Soldier first.'

    At lot of the time promotion seems to help if your 'face fits' in the detachment/unit where you work, terrible clerks have been promoted because they were the RAOWO's drinking buddy whilst knowing nothing about their job, whilst outstanding clerks have been passed over for promotion because they were too quiet or did not socialise with the right people (a 'who you know not what you know culture), this is not always the case but does happen.

    The RSM at Worthless Down (in 2005) said 1/3 of the Corps were outstanding, 1/3 worked hard and the other 1/3 were rubbish and should not be in the Army (the RSM's quote not mine), the last section always let the other two sections down and give the rest of the hard working teams a bad name.