Yes Car Credit to shut

Well that'll mean less chav's on the road then, not to mention the end to the annoying short-arrsed bird on TV. Story HERE
Good. One less blood-sucking company around.

She would get it though...
BBC said:
Provident said tough competition and changes to the regulatory environment had changed trading conditions, and Yes had ceased to be profitable in 2004.
Yeah, after Some TV program pointed out what a bloody fraud YES and it's related companies where, it sounds like the rules got tougthend up. Now Provident can't con money out of people, they've binned it.
I know of a lad who bought a 3 grand car from them and ended up paying back £13,000! All due to financial problems on his part.
the really bad thing about YES car Credit was that the cars were sold as seen, when i was down on my luck we went along and they offered me a 6 year old fiesta diesel (part of the trim was still on the floor in the footwell and coke stains on the passenger seat and roofing material) all for the bargain price of £68 a week for 4 years.

wouldnt tell me the "screen price" of the vehicle...

called me a time waster when i walked out the showroom

Wahoo - glad they are shut!



yes car credit cars were always over priced because they knew that you were trying them for credit as a last resort after being turned down by others, so they had you by the nuts
remf said:
yes car credit cars were always over priced because they knew that you were trying them for credit as a last resort after being turned down by others, so they had you by the nuts

The sad thing is that they also trapped some of the "less financially able" - One of my soldiers bought a car from them because he could drive it away there and then - despite having been told about the huge interest payments he'd be making. Not bright enough to work out the cost, too lacking in confidence to apply for a bank loan.

Bunch of sharks.
These sort of car companies are all the same, when I was a bit stuck for the readies. I went to see Direct Car Finance in London (The one that "forces friend" Jim Davison advertises). I was about to sign the Credit Agreement (which the sales rep was kindly holding for me to sign), when I noticed his thumb was covering a section of the form which traditionally held the APR, upon asking him to move his hand; I was shocked and appalled to see that I was signing up for 48.9% APR!!! FFS Big Dave in the pub didn't charge that much. Funnily enough when I walked out, I was called a time-waster as well.

But they wern't a touch on the car dealers you used to encounter in Hohne in the late eighties. "Yes, mate, lovely runner, dont worry about this German paper work stuff, just sign ere." When I did my colloquial German course I stumbled through a loan contract with what I think was the old Colt Car Company in Bergen, the APR was 40%!!!!! In addidtion, the car was well overprised, but poor old Gnr Terry FW was proud as punch in his car that he could never afford to drive!

I remember one dealer who, on asking how much some car was telling me it was XXXX DM per month, when I asked, exactly how much the car was he would not say, just kept telling me that I should not look at it in that way..... Oh, they were the days :)
Are they anything to do with Yes Car insurance? Coz they did me a fantastic deal. £268 fully comp, and I have no 'No Claims' bonus (have'nt owned a car for 10+ years)

Also got free breakdown recovery, legal advice, hire car, 'get you there' assistance etc;

My House and contents insurer, More Than, who I've been with for 10+ years wanted £775 for 3rd party F&T!

The car's not worth that!
Pox_Dr said:
Bit naff for the 820 that are about to loose thier jobs this time of year

That'l be the c*nts hiding the APR on the forms, doing the 'dodgy' mechanics 120 part check (not) on the cars, slagging the customers off in the office and generaly aiding the company to rip off every poor mug that came through the door and got conned into signing up!!!!

They had plenty of chances to do the decent thing and walk away from the whole sordid affair, but didnt. W*nkers.

Sympathy??? nah, no way not for them, plenty for the victims even if they did take the decision to sign up. Just sorry they have to keep making the payments. It would do wonders if the Goverment stepped in and did something decent and showed some balls for a change by making the company cancel all the contracts!!! I'td make all the other rip-off finance companies sit up and take notice, hell they might even clean up their acts.

IMHO the staff involved and those in charge at the parent company have more than earned a free 3 month holiday ...................... all expenses paid (one way only) in that Lurvley, High Quality holiday resort known as ROCKALL......

Oh btw return flight is £5K charged at 40% interest over the next 20 years :lol: :lol: :lol:

Apologies now to the Seagulls currently living in total innocence on Rockall, but as Your all 'Sh*thawks' anyway they should fit in just nice!!!

Ok, I know ... coat, get etce ... snapper is getting back on the fence :wink:

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