Yes, another press-up thread

Hi, all

So i've been working on my press-ups as its the only thing i'm struggling with on the PFT, anyway the thing that i found is that when i try to do press-ups fresh i can only manage about 20 at the most however if i do bicep curls first i can achive around 40 press-ups, and i wanna know why i guess its to do with being warmed up also how can i fix this for the PFT as i dont have weights there to warm-up with.

Also while im boaring all of you with my press-up problems when doing press-ups my wrist clicks and hurts to fcuk any ideas why (too much or too little wrist exercise? ;)) this started when they made me change from wide arm pressups to narrow arm pressups :(

thanks for any advice


You have lost me. I will get those PTI fellows over at ASPT to give you a call tomorrow, thats if they are not busy bulling their plimsoles. Your wrist problem may be resolved by a chat with your father or the MO.

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