Yes another one, Selection Pirbright 9th August

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Gedge, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. Anyone else coming along for the ride? Other than that, had the flu for nearly 2 weeks so will only get 1 week of intensive training before selection :p Also need lotsa lotsa underwear, sh1tting myself just thinking about it :p
  2. aaahhh why you shitting yourself its so easy....there are no uphills in the 1.5 run either so relax its cool
  3. meh not worried bout the 1.5mile, done basicly just running running running for the last 3months (well that and giving up smoking) got my 1.5mile in 8mins 46seconds on the AICO run but am confused about the other requirements, Iv been told so many different things by different people eg, been told you need 44push ups and 50 sit ups in 2mins wheras others have said you cant fail on the push ups and sit ups but can fail on things like the jerry can lift, the problem I have is I have 6days to go now and cant get the push ups sorted can only get to like 30 =/
  4. Gedge, as said on the other thread - there are no press ups or sit ups! I think the figures you have been quoted are for officer selection!

    I went yesterday, was absolutely sh**ting myself when the train pulled into the station, but by the time I got on the bus and got chatting with the other girls we all calmed down and began to enjoy! The few staff I saw were all great - nothing to be worried about!

    Unfortunately I got the dreaded heart murmur, so didn't last long before being sent on the long journey home!
  5. Correct, Soozi, the Press ups and sit ups are required for Officer selection, not soldier selection.

    My, you have it easy...

    ** Awaiting incoming... :D **
  6. Not even going to bite! hahaha! :) :lol: :p
  7. ah cool cheers for all the help guys, only found out i have selection yesterday so 7days notice and untill yesterday had 2 weeks of not training at all so absolutly bricking it and double timeing it to try and sort myself out now :)
  8. Youll be fine, Dont worry about the push ups and sit ups its cool. Youll be fine with the run from what your run time says so good luck. Oh and get there early so you can get your medical over and done with quick or you wait and wait forever
  9. Thats part of the PFT (Personal Fitness test). You dont have to pass that until after phase 1.