Yes, another asthma topic!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jimb0b, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. I've done a search but i've not found anyone with similar circumstances to myself.

    I was diagnosed with asthma as a young nipper and had inhalers thrown at my willy nilly. Anyhow, i grew out of it and by the time i left school i wasn't using inhalers and felt no symptoms what so ever. As a naive 16 year old i thought asthma would rule out the armed forces completely so i went into further education. With this in mind i never visited the docs to notify them i wasn't needing the inhalers and due to the inhalers being on a repeat prescription my mother (fussy parents!!!) was collecting them as normal and over time i ended up with a missive stockpile of inhalers probably enough to treat every asthmatic in the country :(

    Once i heard of the 4 year rules I visited the docs and explained my circumstances so he stated in my notes that i i haven't being suffering from asthma for a good 3 years now, (this was backed up by regular check ups over the years which showed the inhalers were more of a safeguard than anything and weren't necessarily needed) So i was still on a repeat prescription which even they admit could have stopped a long time ago but weren't so technically i was still down as getting treatment for asthma and i know that you have to be 4 years clear of treatment. As a safeguard i do have a date as to when the prescription was cancelled in October of last year so on that basis i still have over 3 years to a wait.

    However, because my GP has stated in my notes that i've not suffered from asthma for 3 - nearly 4 years do i have a leg to stand on if i were to put in an application in the near future? Is it worth a visit to the AFCO to explain my circumstances?

  2. Funny this should come up.. I am in the same position except I havnt used for 8 years and I havnt been collecting the inhalers HOWEVER it is still listed under my "current" problems because I havnt been having check ups... I went into the recruiting office today and asked them and they said it shouldnt be a problem. They said worst case scenario is they will try to defer me, but then I bring the letter of deferal to the careers office and they will write to my GP and explain the situation.. GP will then test (and presumably clear) me and application will be resent.

    He seemed confident that it wasnt something to worry about and stated "contrary to popular belief there IS a small amount of common snese used in the application process"..

    Was good news to me.

  3. Even as a urologist, I have never heard of the penis as a therapeutic target for asthma therapy!

  4. the same thing happened to me, my mum being a good girl, would keep getting me inhalers but i grew out off it in my teens,(not even sure if i was asthmatic jus over weight) when i applied to join the army i was rulled out on the grounds, i wrote them a letter to explain my circumstances but was still told to wait the 2 years making it 4 years free from treatment! i did this and am now happy in the army.
    i would def check with the recruiting team though as each case is invudial and what have you got to loose, the army crying out for people these days. let us know what happens
  5. HA! Well observed!

    Cheers for the replies folks, i'll keep you updated.
  6. No idea what the doc will say.

    But highlights a key area of waste for the NHS! Why is it that folks will insist on collecting prescriptions they don't need? There are millions of pounds wasted by folks picking up meds that are stored in cupboards until the expiry date comes and goes.

    Can I ask anyone reading this to start edumicating folks not to waste the NHS money and to only collect medicines that are required - that way we might be able to afford medicines that are actually needed! Cheers!

    <jumps off soapbox>

  7. if the doc thinks its warranted he'll pack you off for a spirothingydingy,
  8. When i done my medical documents with my doctor i took a guess when i last had any problems with asthma due i couldn't remember. I was wrong and it was 1997. When i got home i quickly phone my recruiter and he just said they might just stick my on a treadmill and make me run with some mask on.
  9. Lol it's an excercise bike. Ex. Athsmatics regardless must be 4 years free from prescriptions, I never ever had an attack too, we're all in the same boat, excercise and prepare, if you haven't had an inhaler for years you clearly can cope and pass the test. I used to worry too. Just say you used to smoke also, my loyal mate says. I'm gonna go ACIO in Jan. and see what they say. Blowing in a tube should be routine, they take your height, weight etc. calculate how hard you can blow, you must get 80% of that.