Discussion in 'RAC' started by antiwar, Dec 4, 2005.

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  1. Anyone out there in the Yeomanry? Is it any good? How often do you get called up, for operations?
  2. Journo? PERSEC? :evil:
  3. I hardly think it's a Persec issue, there's loads of people on here who identify which regiment or corp they are in, so what if journo or not? Anyone may end up reading the thread, it's up to you how much you reveal. My user ID gives away my forte but not much else.

    Antiwar - check out and for party line, don't know what it's been like operations wise. Why are you so interested about being called up (you mention it in most threads)? If you're willing to be mobilised join TA, if not then stay on your reserve contract and keep a low profile.
  4. Cheers Guys, I`ve been a reservist and been called up, so you can run but you can`t hind as it were, interestingly when they called me up they told me I could do my old role as my quals ahd expired so I ended up doing something else, so i figured if your going to get called up anyway why not join the TA, and at least do the job your paid to do?
    You know as well as I do what the military is like!!!

    "Do you think my methods are unsound"

    " I don`t see any method at all"
  5. There is also the RMLY, QOY and RMxWY ( or something like that).
  6. Shame that none are in south Kent.
  7. RWxY ---- Royal Wessex Yeomanry, based in Bovvy with sqns in Glos., Salisbury and Devon. A sqn in Bovvy is armour replacement, driving all tracked kit Bovvy has. plenty of ops for ops if dats your ting. I'd say nearly all members are ex RAC or ARMD INF, RE or RA. other sqns are landrover recce
  8. RMLY is Midlands based:

    A Sqn in Dudley
    B Sqn in Telford
    C Sqn in Chester
    D Sqn in Wigan

    Most of our guys who are deploying are with regular RAC Regts and having a good time opposed to the earlier deployments where trained Gnrs & Ldrs were blanket stacking or other mundane tasks
  9. QOY
    A Sqn - Ayre
    B Sqn - Belfast
    C Sqn - Cupar
    D Sqn - Durham
    Y Sqn - York

    Armoured Recce Regiment with Scimitar, has so far had troops on Telic 1 -7.
  10. D Sqn is based in Newcastle and not Durham.
  11. i stand corrected. you'd think i'd never been there.
  12. Good group of folks the RWxY. They took us out on weekends when I was a cadet, fantastic time. You're right, used to be mobile with landies, now they're trained to operate the challenger 1. Last I heard, anyway!
  13. Yep, Chally trained as bcr's but still operate as L/R recce when theyre not at Lulworth or Bovvy