yeomanry signals?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by quiller, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. with SDR, FAS etc are some signals sqns still officially coming under the yeomanry signals umbrella or have they lost this affilliation? i haven't a clue who to ask or where to look.
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. thanks, but i'm after the official line for recent times, do these links still apply after SDR/FAS?
  4. I don't have the official line, however during a recent visit by a 2* at a TAC near me he commented on their 200 year plus history and said they should look forward to the next 200. I guess he would know if the yeomanry titles were for the chop.

    It wasn't my TAC by the way... :wink:
  5. msr

    msr LE

    What do you mean by 'officially'?
  6. yeah there are still yeomanry sigs knocking about,but there days are numberd as sigs i recon
  7. Please elaborate as I'm currrently in the process of joining a Yeomanry Sigs unit.


  8. are you transfering or just joining them ?

    either way i wouldnt get to excited by it as they (not all) very unlikley to have a worth while job that will keep them /you buisy in the uk ,nor is it likley for u to go on ops being in this type of unit,if thats your intention !!

    Are they in 2brigade by any chance ? if so i would run a mile !!! just look at some other topics on here about them.

    Admittedly their role as support to the blue light services in time of need is a valid one but ,it should be in addition to another job not the sole purpose IMHO.

    And rumour has it that they will cull a load of ta sigs for this reason ,and re role as mounted infantry just like the yeomanry used to be all those years ago !!
  9. That might have wider implications on the current teeth arm yeomanries. Just think, if you've got 2 yeomanry squadrons fairly close to one another (one RAC & one ex sigs) both have 60-75% manning then the bean counters will go 'why don't why disband one of them and merge them into one super sqadron that will have 100% manning.'

    They've tried this poor thinking before and it didn't work for example when they created C coy in dorchester & poole by merging the two companies. They didn't get the 100% manning they wanted. In short if the signals yeomanries are re-roled as mounted inf it will most likely lead to disbandment.
  10. as in are the sqns still allowed to call themselves yeomanry and use the name e.g 37 sigs sqn (hairy foot yeomanry) or are they just 37 sigs sqn type thing?
  11. Joining, I had my medical a couple of weeks ago and Im due to do my selection at Pirbright in 2 weeks.

    I was hoping to volunteer in approximately 12 months for a sandy tour.
    Obviously I appreciate I wouldnt be much of a signaller by this time, but I was hoping there would be some chance of going out with the infantry?
    I work in IT in civi street and Signals seemed to be the obvious choice, that and the fact that they are my nearest TAC.

    71 (Yeomanry) Signal Regiment, 2 (National Communications) Signal Brigade
    Now you really have me worried, I havent seen any of the posts you've mentioned, could you provide some links.


  12. ha ha which sqn ?

    you will not get put forward for a tour unless you have done your trade and held that for at least a year ,even tho its pointless,out of the 7 people i know who have gone only 1 ever did anything remotly trade related the rest where doing top cover and patrolling..etc .even the comms that was being worked on wasnt anything he was familliar so he had to learn when he was out there !!!!!!!

    so if you dont mind doing that,theni would apply for a force protection role out there where it wont matter what trade or cap bade you are !

    Also your skills will be waisted as an oporator with the 71 sigs IMHO

  13. yes they still use the yeomanry normally in brackets just after the sqn just like u have done in ur example !!!lol
  14. 47 squadron.

    Im not too fussed about doing sigs type stuff out 'there' to be honest, happy to go out on patrols and be at the sharp end so to speak.
    Im thinking that I perhaps should have looked to go infantry, but as I said 47 squadron are my local TAC.
  15. ur probly better off going to the inf ,atleast u will deply with all ur mates unlike the sigs it tends to be on an idividual basis

    get out of it what u can mate and transfer when the Enthusiasm fades,ignorance is bliss !!!