Yeomanry Seniority

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Marcus, Feb 23, 2004.

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  1. I have heard of some strong discussions about the seniority of various squadrons within the Queen's Own Yeomanry. I would like to throw it out to an open forum, but in my opinion and that of previous court rulings the seniority is as follows:
    C (Senior) Sqn
    Y (Dart Board) Sqn
    A (Cat Pigeon) Sqn
    B (Horse) Sqn
    D (Pot Noodle) Sqn
  2. look at the seniority list on a qoy bottle of champagne. and you'll see b is in the middle. definately before ayr. but i'll check and let you know.
  3. I'm sure this is to be expected from a Royal Yeoman but........ phootey!
  4. I'll vote for Ysqn to be moved up a bit just as I'm biased that way. Forrard!

    That said C sqn is Scotlands senior (only?) yeomanry unit...

  5. QOY who???

    Now are the Irish Horse part of this lot??

    If they are surely they must be the senior because they came from the senior Yeomanry Regt!!!!
  6. Good point Hog, there is also some debate over seniority within the senior Yeomanry regt (THE ROYAL YEOMANRY for the unsure!) A sqn (The Royal Wilts yeo) claim it. But!

    To quote Richard Holmes from his Exellent book 'Redcoats'

    Lord Winchelseas three troops of 'Gentlemen and Yeomanry of the county of Rutland' where the 1st units of the New Yeomanry Cavalry.(end quote)

    As these were eventualy absorbed into the Leicestershire Yeomanry this makes B sqn The Leicestershire and Derbyshire (Prince Alberts Own) Yeomanry the senior.

    I may be slightly biased but I think this holds water.

  7. We did get the Royal bit from the farmers but you do have a valid point me old! Wonder what Jimmy Walters and the farmers would think of that?!!!
  8. Maybe we should ask him?

    In your own time Jim and at the post to your front, Go on.
  9. But at least we agree on which Yeomanry regiment is the best :)
  10. The QOY Jennie?
  11. Just keep on dreaming...

    one day... oh one day... You may aspire, when you become CO :D :D :D :D :D :D

    mean while the RY will sit high and dry Ant,
  12. So if I was to become CO one day, you'd kiss my riding boots and proclaim to the world that the QOY is the best the Yeomanry has?
  13. 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

    as an old age pensioner by then, that might be considered agist in this day of mad political correctness garb :)

    But until that day, you can continue to kiss my riding boots :)

  14. Keep dreaming Ant!! Youve got more hope of shagging Rachael Stevens that being better than the RY!!!
  15. Is the use of chlorform allowed? If so I'll shine my boots in preperation...