Yeomanry - Part Time Walloping

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Beenaround, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Happily for all of us the Yeomanry is in rude good health and is being expanded under TA FAS.

    Queens Own Yeomanry (Duke of Westminsters Own) do CVRT, the Royal Yeomanry do CBRN although quite why they want to talk to the RAF and RTR to wash cars is beyond me, the Royal Wessex Yeomanry (Hoorah!)do Chally 2 with the Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry (they used to be the Mexicans and the Doylies).

    Clearly a superior part of the TA as a whole the real Yeomanry, not the R Sigs and RA bits that masquerade under duller cap badges, is in good nick.

    Any of you regular types like to join? You need money ( my mess bill on my first Camp came to more than I was paid) and style, Range Rovers and wellies and a bit of top tottie on your sleeve. Chuck in a title or two and a farm or a decent shoot and you are made for life.

    See you at Badminton
  2. I fear my built for comfort frame would not fit in the turret anymore plus I am common. got the wellies though!!!
  3. Are you anything to do with the chappies at Halifax Barracks ?
  4. I really have no idea where Halifax Bks is!

    Presumably oop North semwhere in which case no, I am not one of the chappies fm that Bks.

    Who is in there , by the way?
  5. That would be the QOY- Ysqn (York) Hull detachment. From the indicators this chap is RWxY. :)
  6. Well I have Style, Wellies and a bit of Top Tottie on my arm.

    I will look out for the other points...
  7. I don't wallop the donkey part time- I get my man to do it
    Halifax Bks Hull sounds like some sort of gritty Northern building society
  8. a false pretender then.........
  9. Hull Det all gone now,

    Beenaround-- which sqn RWxY, say hi to all at B and A from Ernie
  10. No no, you're behind the times Ernie. Under FAS they have now reopened a hull detachment :)
  11. They have, they have got a nice newly painted garage and half of our bar, I'm RSigs myself, what oppurtunitys exist in the Yeomanry for a time served signals lcpl who won't see 35 again ?
  12. Memories - thx to you all I can see now are those fcuking Karchers :evil: Mind you doesn't help it's p!ssing it down over here at the moment...

    On the county set point - I do recall when I re-badged from 2 Wessex to RY that the new officers we received really did believe they owned the county, spoke with plums in their mouths & all had barbour jackets (exc. the copper who'd re-badged with us). Pleasant but clueless :D

    If the Sqn Co is alive & dangerous on ARRSE - "I hope your drill has improved!" :D

  13. Well, bugga me 8O
  14. B sqn RWxY: definitly the "warriest" yeomanry sqn in the army. Regiment just returned from 2 week camp in Texas. Everything's bigger in Texas, with a few exeptions.