Yeomanry on Op Telic

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TonyBlair, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I`d very much like to hear from anyone who serves in the Yeomanry, in particular if you`ve been on Op Telic.

    Are your medals named to your Yeomanry Regiment or the Regiment you deployed with?

    Well done to all those from the Royal Yeomanry, who earned the Yeomanry another Battle Honour!
    Has it been added to the Colours yet?

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  2. The Royal Yeomanry (RY) was formed on 1 April 1967 following the amalgamation of five distinguished old county Yeomanry Regiments, with the Regimental Headquarters based in Central London. Originally employed as a medium reconnaissance regiment, their role changed in in the 1990s to providing both main battle tank crews as well as soldiers for the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Regiment . In January 2003 members of the Regiment formed a composite Squadron and were deployed for operations in Iraq under command of the Joint NBC Regiment. This marked the first mobilisation of a TA unit since the Suez conflict.
  3. I'm not sure that's true. The port task group chaps were mobilised for Telic to oversee Portsmouth embarkations in lieu of the regulars for one and that was right at the beginning.
  4. What about 205 (Scottish) General Hospital, Op Granby?
  5. can you smell something?
  6. Gongs are issued with your Yeomanry Regt stamped on them not your regular regt despite being on strength for the duration of the Op.

    I think the distinction as far as TA unit goes is teeth arm and serving in theatre under TA officers.

    The Battle Honour isnt on the Guidon yet as the RY doesnt have a guidon. Read the long and not very exciting thread about the RY capbadge if you want the back ground.

    The new capbadge is expected at camp this summer with the Guidon to follow when the Royal Seamstess, or who ever make Guidons, sorts it out.
  7. With all kudos to RY, I am still not clear as to how theirs was the "first mobilisation of a TA Unit since Suez".
  8. The QOY has had personnel mobilised in all TELICs so far - 1 to 8 with the odd one to Bos/Kos too, all have done extremely well by all accounts.
  9. There seems to be some confusion as to the first TA to be mobilsed since Suez. I can only assume that as they mobilsed as a unit in its own right, under its own Officers, doing its own thing, it gets this honour.

    As for 205, on Granby I can only assume that they came under another Regular Unit.

    As for the QOY, you`ve answered you own question there, `has had personel mobilised` NOT the whole Regiment. The RMLY has also had personal mobilsed, but never as a unit in its own right like the RY.

    Going back to 205, they also mobilsed on Telic, but came under 3 CSMR.

    Finally the information regarding the RY, came from the offical website, so I think they should have the facts correct, I would have thought, you wouldn`t want to publish that fact if it wasn`t correct surely?
  10. I dont thin that 205 came under 3CSMR... They may have but it doesn't make sense having a Fd Hosp under the comand of a close support med Reg. The CS Med Reg collect the CAS from the battle etc, different job to the Fd Hosp... But I may be wrong. And the Yo Yo's I met didn't go as part of the JNBC reg....

    T C
  11. That's just it. I am not aware that 205 DID come under "another Regular Unit" in 1990-91 - whereas, according to one of your posts, RY came under command of the Joint NBC Recce Regiment?

    I am no expert on the composition of 205 General Hospital at Riyadh, 1990-91, but have no doubt it had considerable reinforcement from other TA units, reservists, and Regulars. Nevertheless it was a deployed unit, is what I heard.

    Please understand that I am not having a pop at the RY! - kudos to them, as I said. I just think that it gets forgotten so quickly what people have done. If we dont at least try to get the story right, there will be another unit along in a few years claiming THEY were the first to be mobilised since Suez...

    I am still willing to be convinced why RY have the "first mobilised" accolade, and 205 do not. The fact that no busloads of angry nurses have yet turned up on this thread suggests you may be right! :wink: But how?

  12. Cheers to everyone who has given a positive reply to my thread, and answered my question, you`ve been of great help.

    My final note is to say, well done to the RY, we`re all very proud of you and what you`ve achieved!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
  13. Hear, hear
  14. Just to clarify that I wasn't having a pop at the RY, was just unsure about the accuracy of the granby info.

    T C