Yeomanry Officers?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by El_Pato, Apr 7, 2003.

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  1. What are Yeomanry officers supposed to do now that their units are WER CR2 crews?

    Not taking the piss, just wondering what their role is supposed to be, as this is a nagging doubt about TA officers as a whole.
  2. same role as there troops i guess dont officers get killed
    ?     and i take it the unit trains together so some one has to come up with a plan which fails
  3. ta officers are generally earmarked for liason/ watchkeeper duties (i think).
    there are also a lot more jobs in the yeomanry than cr2, you also have the nbc and of course the armoured recce elements.
  4. It depends on which role you are in. If you are NBC you go with your boys and command a troop. If you are CR2 then its watchkeeping unless you get lucky.
  5. As well as w/keepers & Tp ldrs there is a requirement for LO's  ;)
  6. i know of four tc yeomanry officers in one unit so the could if lucky be deployed in that role
  7. Why...sip Bollinger and play polo, of course! :wink:
  8. Probably no more or less than they did before. Good ideas anyone?
  9. Though from looking at other threads there are that many courses for an Officer to attend, in addition to managing his troop that a tour as an LO or Watchkeeper may be a nice break!