Yeomanry in Afganistan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TonyBlair, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Cheers for all your replies to my Telic thread. Now I`d really like to know about the Yeomanry in Afganistan.

    Any Yeoman out there who`ve done a tour in Afgan, I`d really like to hear from you.

    Also anything related to our Proud Regiments role in this Campaign.
  2. Would it be possible - as part of this thread - for someone to post a potted history of every single Yeomanry Regiment and for this to descend into an argument about seniority and the last time the Yeomanry fought a war?

    Or has this already been done?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    I'm sure it would - just don't mention the HAC.

  4. Nah. Let's give it a go.

    TB, there is a thing called OPSEC. It stops us talking about stuff that is may - or may not - happen. So wait until 2010 and buy the book.
  5. Which yeomanry? RY, RMLY......
  6. Why do you do apostrophes in that odd manner? Are you using a non-UK keyboard? An Arabic, Pashto or Persian one?

    Come on: own up, Johnny Afghan.
  7. What a cool idea bring it on all of it!!!!!

    Dr E, no idea why my ` are as they are, that`s just the way my computer does them?

    Anyway back to the topic.

    Who is the most senior regiment?
  8. TB, hope the quote below answers your question!

  9. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

    Maybe David Cameron isn't so bad after all.

  10. Quality!!!! Less far fetched than this......

    Yet people lapped it up!!!!
  11. Don't you have to have done the all arms commando course to get combat pedalos? I thought the PEY weren't getting re-roled until 2046 when FAS(TA) finally gets announced :?:
  12. No I think there manned by the RLC`s Port and Maritime Units?
  13. Eh! What?
  14. Never mind seniority; of course we are the oldest regiment, notwithstanding taking the *ahem* wrong side in the Mars Attacks Invasion
  15. See the preceding post. For some reason, threads with "Yeomanry" in the title seem to be a haven for future-fantasists.