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Discussion in 'RAC' started by TrooperG, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Am i right in thinking that the Yeomary are considered Guards (due to their cavalry status)? if so then why do they not wear the Guards TRF? rather than their regimental colours on a flash the size of a five pence piece! Can some one clear this up for me.

    Cheers all
  2. Since when have they been considered Guards? Do expand!!!!!!
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Having served in the QOY I never saw a Yeomanry flash so I don't even know what one looks like
    IIRC the QOY were always closely linked to the 3 1/4 Dancers although some have deployed with HCR on Telic and Herrick so they might have been cutting about with HCR flashes still on
  4. I came accross a picture on some website of two 'Yeomanry Guards' at a parade in London from one of their City Squadrons. Can't find the link.
  5. Yeomanry flash? Yes they are...however they are not "Guards", they are merely provincial yahoos. They are almost unique in being the only non-French villains in "Sharpe" too!
  6. Am i right in thinking that the Yeomary are considered Guards (due to their cavalry status)?

    Short answer - No

    Long answer - No. Some Squadrons of various Yeomanry regiments are formally affiliated with the HCR. On Ops Yeo regiments, however, generally backfill according to demand rather than those largely ceremonial links.

    For example - a contingent from the RY have recently returned from HERRICK where they were attached to the HCR. While attached they wore with HCR beret with blue-red-blue backing and ditto TRF.

    The Guards, TA-wise, are linked to the LONDONS and the HAC. Perhaps a journalist mistook TA guys acting as a ceremonial guard for Guardsmen? And if it was in the City, they were probably HAC, as the WDs and KSYs ( part of the RY ) are relegated to mincing around less distinguished circles.

  7. This is the Flash, worn without the cap badge in front of it though!

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  8. Cheers all, i am no longer confuse edd.
  9. Thats the Royal Yeomanry capbadge and TRF. The guys you saw were probably from W ( Westminster Dragoons ) Sqn.

    I'm sure they'll be flattered to have been mistaken for Guardsmen though...

  10. The latest rumour is that a QOY flash will be arriving soon. I was also unsuprised to hear that after more than two years of designs and committees, the result is blue, yellow and stripy.
  11. Bollox
  12. Odd that! I have aquired a Capbadge printed onto a Green patch from the fish heads up North, never seen them worn though must have been a local thing
  13. Just to clarify, that was RY cap-badge but with blue-red-blue backing and the blue-red-blue TRF: the same for any attached arm.
  14. yeah thats what we did as well the 'limping whippet' on BRB with TRF to suit.
  15. as an update, I'm now the dubious owner of 3Nr QOY TRFs! the dilema I have is do not wear them ......against them on principle the point of a uniform, combat Indtifiers etc, or do I wear then just to upset the guys at RTC cos they're 'loud'?