Yeoman Warder Sacked - whats the latest?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 3, 2011.

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  1. Heard some mutterings ref the first female Yeoman Warder getting the tin tack; whats the score?

    Google not much help.


  2. You jealous that she may have more medals than you?
  3. yes thats right.

    Know anything about the issue?
  4. If she had been the press would be all over it; Google news reveals no press releases as of yet.
  5. Cheers SBM.

    I'd heard a whisper and as I have an interview at Main Building soon I fully expect the issue will at very least come up, even though I'm full aware they're an Equal Opportunities employer so some background would be useful.
  6. A friend went last weekend and she was at work then.
  7. Well, you've got a good chance being a WO2 and having 4 bars on your oval medal thingy, I've heard a few rumours that it's looking favourable, but you never heard it, right?

  8. You think they're going to ask you questions about gossip on your interview? Well prepared you, good luck with that.
  9. A gent in my lodge is a Yeoman Warder, so I get to hear all the gossip.
  10. A Yeoman Warder got sacked/suspended for being mean to her if I recall correctly. Some very old dull former grenadiers made a very dull faceache page about trying to get one of them (an ex Grenadier) re-instated. This was back in 2009.
  11. She was let go after it was revealed she'd lied during the trial where the male warder was sacked, then compensated after 'anomalies' where found regarding his prosecution and dismissal. The lying fat dyke bitch.
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  12. Oi, watch it crow-bag !
  13. I'd be surprised if I was not asked about current news of relevance, to be honest, so thought it good to check.

  14. She comes from the same county as me and for that reason, regardless of whether she was right or wrong, I will not hear a bad word against her.