Yeoman of Signals (EW)

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Harry_Monk, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. So, the Supervisor Radio is apparently to be renamed to Yeoman of Signals (EW).

  2. Apparently nothing,
    It HAS been renamed, as of 1 Dec 07, do keep up speedy :wink:

  3. I know, just interested in opinions after hearing some Supvrs ranting about how they will 'always be supvr R' etc.

    It sometimes takes the information a little longer to 'filter on' to those that are no longer serving :D
  4. Yeoman (ew) - 2 week part of the Yeoman (Real) course.

    Wait till one of them get told to write a CEI or any form of comms plan that doesnt involve EW kit....

    From a Yeoman of Signals (Real)
  5. I can see it all now....

    CO: Yeoman!

    YofS (EW): Yes, Colonel?

    CO: Not you, you cnut, fcuk off and get me my REAL one!

    Imagine the shame of being REAL yeoman and mistaken for a former Supvr R!
  6. Would that be like asking a 'Real' Yeoman about EW?
    'Cos 'Real' Yeoman have such a good understanding of EW, they dont get absolutely ripped apart by it on exercise yeah?
    Thought so.

  7. When are you lot going to get this right?

    Supervisor Radio = Yeoman EW
    Supervisor IS = Foreman IS (a throbber) "optional"

    As of 01 Dec 2007.

    There is no "of Signals" involved in their title at all. I preferred the old name myself. They could then transfer their rank when they get a supervisor job in McDonalds.
  8. I'm told the names changed again when they realised that Foreman Information Systems was an anagram of Ability Shy Technical Inadequate
  9. Boringbuzzer, you clearly haven't learned your lesson from the last time you posted an immature "wow look at me I'm being provocative" post. Just go back to and see how your crap was shot down that time. You've clearly got a real bee in your bonnet about something which I doubt you are even qualified to express an opinion on. All your previous allegations were based on some kind of warped opinion of how life used to be about 5 years ago, although the Royal Signals' mandate has changed since then and we are trying to adapt to modern technology and processes. What have you done to make the Corps, the Army and your country better?

    Back to the "titles" issue, it will surprise no one that you are absolutely 100% wrong. I hope you pay more attention to your job than you do to what's happening in the Corps, you tosser. If you're on the RLI then go to to check out the letter from SOinC(A) and you'll see that it's YofS (EW) and FofS (IS). If you're going to criticise people then get your facts right weasel boy.

    Remember the old adage "adapt or die"? If you're intelligent enough to do so then it might be better trying to improve the system rather than being bitter about "they come over here taking our jobs"...etc etc but refusing to acknowledge that we are where we are because of very simple demand and supply. If you can't supply what's needed in today's deployed battlespace then someone better will do it instead. I've yet to see you publishing a single post that is in any way positive about our Corps, so you my friend are a non-team player weasel who has nothing to give the Army. If the cap fits, wear it, ********. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. Why don't you eff off now, embrace change in a positive way, and go back to making coffee for your local Engineering Support troop.
  10. Good post as ever from Poison Dwarf.

    Shot over. Shot out.

    As mentioned above, there will be no confusion or any of this (real) tosh apart from tits who actually think that they are better because of their trade. It will probably just take longer for Supervisor (Radio) to become adopted and accepted by those who have been one, worked for one, or aspired to be one.
  11. Does this mean the EW Sys Op/YoS EW trades will now specialise just in tac EW ES/EA and move away from strategic SI? :?
  12. Exactly what I was thinking when I read that post. I never met a Yeoman that had any real, indepth grasp of EW (but they didn't need to, it wasn't their job). Exactly the same went for the old Supvr R in regard to comms.
  13. Crab Air have combined their Tech side (TG3) and the Comms/Ops (TG11) to make a super-trade (TG4). According to the powers that be, it is a roaring success. Clearly they are in a parrallel universe. Seems the techy side is now over-manned. Problem seems to be that a techy can now get posted to a commcen with absolutely no 127, 131 or any other commcen training.

    A Yeoman is a yeoman, is always a Yeoman. A Foreman the same. Anything else....tosh !
  14. But we didn't always have Foremen and we didn't always have Yeomen. And they both didn't appear at the same time. So your interpretation of "always" may be different to someone else's. Time frames are a bit subjective.

    Surely staying the same forever isn't an option when modern technology drives so much of what we do? Our trade changes (and I sure it's the same in the RAF) are largely driven by the equipment programme and it's natural that some aspects of our roles will inevitably increase or decrease in complexity. Evolution says that it is those who adapt to changing conditions who survive. That said, I hear that the Navy tried a similar trade merge some years ago but it didn't work. Maybe people can add in what actually happened! If we dug in our heels and refused to adapt to the demands of modern operations then our Corps would not be able to deliver what is needed by the Bde and Div commanders and our power base would end up being usurped by all arms signallers, clerks and all sorts of people who will fill that gap. That can't be allowed to happen.

    I hear that the RAF guys who have been taught Cormorant recently were actually very good and got to grips with the entire gamut of stuff that we normally send about 3 or 4 different trades to cover. To be fair, those guys were intended to be trainers, so they may not be necessarily representative of all TG4 guys but it's certainly relevant. I wonder what they'll be like at DII/F.
  15. Well you can sit back and gripe to all and sundry or you can be proactive and mold the way future YofS EW fit into the Ops team etc.

    The trades structures are always changing, cant stop it so move on and take advantage of any new oportunites that come forward to strengthen your own position.

    This really is a non argument.