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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. Just a quick question. I presume this is the new title for an EW Supervisor and doesn't have much in common with the normal YofS (It appears their are a number of FTRS slots available for this trade)
  2. Yea, just another pointless EW appointment just like all the others.
  3. If you really want to get a quick bite, just refer to YofS as a YofS basic - no-where near good as the more advanced YofS(EW).

    And then run...
  4. Should never have changed the name. There can be only one!!!!!

    Yeoman that is!



  5. when did they stop getting called Supervisor Radio ?
  6. End of 2007 IIRC
  7. How very kind of you to dismiss EW as pointless.

    Please relay that message to the friends and families of those lads killed in Afghan carrying out this role.

    You ******* prick.
  8. Totally agree with your sentiments Carling, especially since one of the lads was a longtime personal friend but I thought it best just to ignore the c0ck, as he obviously hasn't got a clue about the real world and what goes on these days.
  9. Im surprised that it took so long for someone to bite to be honest, must of been a slow day :)

    I never said EW was pointless, try reading before 'going off on one' because a comment is made about your trade group, I assume you are in the trade?

    I'm not 100% certain but I don't think any YofS(EW)/SupvrR have died in Afghan have they? A few SpecOps (thats what they will always be to me) have and I relayed my condolences to their friends and familys, in person, at their funerals.
  10. Nice try, but you are still a cnut.
  11. "i'm not a 100% certain but i don't think", yes you don't think.

    A few SpecOps have? Oh, and did you fukcing really? Sorry, don't beleive you. Fatalities from 14 Sigs in Afghan are 1 EW Sys Op, 2 CSOPs and 1 OPMI.

    That particluar EWSO had been selected to attend Supvr R training on return from his tour.

    Do yourself a favour have a nice big cup of shut the f"ck up, f"ck off and when you get there f"ck off some more.
  12. Yes, I did, and thankyou for confirming my previous post that no SupvrR/YofS(EW) have been killed, hopefully it will remain that way and if we are really lucky nobody else will either.

    I was at 14, in the same sqn as those that unfortunately lost their lives. I also knew, very well, the particular EWSO that you are refering to having joined the Army with him in '89. Won't go into any more detail here, on an open forum, but feel free to PM me and I can easily verify with more info.

    As I said previously, I have no issue at all with the trade or the individuals doing the job (or any other job for that matter), its other people on here that have made an assumption. I do have an issue with the number of 'over inflated ego's' etc. that are abundant in the trade, it has improved but there is still a far too big an 'us and them' mentality which appeared to become far more prevelant once an individual has completed the Supvrs course.

    It always brightens my day to read posts from people that have no idea who they are talking to (which is most people on the majority of internet forums) but who automatically jump to conclusions based on a single line of text.
  13. Back peddling cnut.
  14. Nice to see you back 'Vod. You been away?
  15. Not in the slightlest, I haven't changed a single thing. My original statement was regarding the EW Appointment, I still feel the same. It is, as I said before, other people that have made assumptions about my view of the trade.