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I've just had an e-mail from this organisation, asking people to light a candle on Christmas Day. Has anyone heard of them, as I thought yellow ribbons were an American thing? :?: The website indicates an address in Carterton, Oxofordshire, which coincidentally is just around the corner from Brize Norton.
It is an Americanism but as with everything from drugs to McDonalds, we inherit this sort of crap from across the water.
Unfortunately, I was banned from there within about 3 hours.

I am so proud of myself.

It's a bag of shite.
Hi Bison, thanks for mentioning us. Which organisation are you associated with out of interest? I have contacted so many lately I really have lost count.

Yes I do live just round the corner from the Camp gates at Brize - my husband is in the RAF. We started the YRF 3 and a half yrs ago and have taken it from a few people swapping info and advice to a non-profit company. Not bad going at all.

We were on BFBS yesterday about the candle idea, and will be again on Xmas Day re the same thing.

Dale, I am so glad you are proud to have been banned from our site in such a short space of time. Wow, how clever you are to come onto a reputable site and deliberately post the most offiensive comments imaginable in areas intended for welfare information. I hope you feel so proud :evil:

The yellow ribbon is not strictly just an american idea either - in fact its recognised across the world for various differnet reasons - one of which happens to be Armed Forces. Is that such a terrible thing?

Perhaps if you want to learn something more about what we have been doing regards support for the families and personnel the past 3 and a half years you migght go to the site and see for yourself. Or of course just remain completely ignorant and get your kicks out of dissing something that you know nothing about.

Take your pick - but its rather pathetic to take digs at something that a great many people have found to be helpful.

Hi MrsCheeks, I was asked by you some time ago to come on your site and inform those military families using your site, about the issue of social housing and the Homelessness Legislation (local connection). I was informed by you that the site was not censored and would allow the letters and response's I had receievd from MP's etc. This was not the case, but I do believe your site is of use for general information. I wish it all the best.

I think you will find that there was NO censorship whatsoever on that thread Hitback - it had over 200 posts dont forget and the only things that were asked of people were to please respect others points of view and to not make personal attacks.

The thread is still there - it was eventually locked because as a debating issue it had gone full circle several times and as such it was felt that the debaiting side had had its day.

In fact, I remember pointing people directly towards yourself for further updates on your letters.

Its incredible that people spend more time trying to badmouth our site instead of actually trying to learn about us, or even showing one small spark of support. Quite why people take such offence to us beggars belief! Just what is so controversial about trying to help people?

I dont see people making the same offensive comments towards other support organisations. Perhaps we should be honoured to cause such strong reactions in people.
MrsCheeks I'm not badmouthing the site, infact I've said it's good for general info. The thread that was run had reached over 2000 pings. I have to say I never received any request for an update from your site, however I did spend some time entering information on that thread about TUPE, only to find out on trying to post it, that the thread had been locked. I would also like to say, I have directed several spouces to your site from the armynet. I don't believe I would be doing that if I thought your site was no good.

Thanks Hitback, sorry if I appear snippy but as I am sure you yourself know only too well it gets a bit much when people seem to have little but insults to say about yourself or what you are trying to achieve.
All the very best with the site, and I know there alot of people that enjoy the site and the debates.

Just to say that I have been invited onto Glen Mansell's Christmas Breakfast Show tomrrow between 7am and 9am on BFBS2 ... to speak a bit about The YRF and also to highlight the Christmas Candle of Hope that we have been doing for the 4th year in a row.

You can listen to BFBS2 via their website at

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Vik x
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