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The Yellow Ribbon Foundation provides an independent support facility to the British Armed Forces, informally and impartially. From providing a sympathetic ear to personnel and their extended families by means of our community website, to helping support Armed Forces welfare projects, our work is endorsed by the Secretary of State for Defence.

“Yellow Ribbon for the Forces Week” - 24th to 31st March 2007 is aimed at raising money for and awareness of our organisation and it’s chosen welfare project this year – the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre.

Fundraising events are already planned in Carterton, Oxfordshire. From a team participating in the local 10km Run, to turning the hometown of RAF Brize Norton yellow. Local school children will be able to take part in our Big Yellow Balloon Race, which is to be launched by our local MP and Leader of the Opposition, the Rt Hon David Cameron MP.

We would like people all across the UK and beyond to hold an event in their area to support The Yellow Ribbon Foundation and our “Yellow Ribbon For The Forces Week”. It doesn’t have to be big – a simple coffee morning is a great way to fundraise. Or how about getting friends and neighbours to turn your street yellow with ribbons on your doors?

If you are interested in holding an event to help celebrate Yellow Ribbon For The Forces Week then please give us a call on call 0845 094 1169 or email

The Yellow Ribbon Foundation is incorporated and registered in England and Wales as a non-profit Private Limited Company. Reg. Office: 16 Latimer Road, Carterton, Oxon OX18 3SE. Reg. Company No: 5372850. Data Registration No: Z9549357.

Yellow Ribbon campaign supporting the British Forces © The Yellow Ribbon Foundation 2003-2007



Saturday 24th March - Carterton Goes Yellow. The official launch of our fundraising week, at Carterton Town Hall with the Mayor, Headley Court and the Sec of State for Defence cordially invited to attend and declare the week open.

Sunday 25th March - Carterton 10K. "The Force Behind the Forces" will be taking part in this annual event, which comprises 2 laps of the local town. Hopefully it won't kill us because we have a lot more planned over the next week!

Thursday 29th March - Carterton Market Day will be the venue for representatives of The YRF to talk to the local community about how we got started, the work we do, and our hopes for raising a good amount of money for ourselves and of course Headley Court.

Friday 30th March - The Big Yellow Balloon Race! 1500 balloons to be released by the Rt Hon David Cameron MP, each one intended to be "owned" by a local primary school child. A spectacular event topped off by the Raffle Draw, with prizes donated by local businesses.

Looks like we have got a few events planned across Germany too, and other areas of the UK which is fab ... people are really enthusiastic about supporting The YRF and our awareness / fundraising week.

Best bit is that we have had an anonymous donor come forward to give us a cheque for £900 which not only covers the costs of the balloon race entirely but also means we are now on pure profit mode. Same donor is also going to be sponsoring The YRF to the tune of £1000 a year. Nice to know people really do beleive in what we are about and feel we are well worth investing in.

Dont forget, updates are made regularly on The YRF website HERE so keep checking back with us.
Hmmm...the "yellow ribbon" is not exactly closely interlocked to UK Armed Services culture and I believe one of the cancer charities uses it too...Nevertheless more power to the elbow of anything which promotes the needs of British service personnel and their families.


Its also used for Teenage Suicide - like any colour of ribbon it has a few dozen meanings (red not just being for AIDS but also heart disease for example). However the yellow ribbon has proven itself to be a recognisable symbol of supporting the British Forces these past 4 yrs since our campaign was launched via the News of the World.

Now for a recent update on whats happening with YR Week. Thanks to the generosity of a few sports teams we now have 2 raffles that are open nationally, as well as tickets for the balloon race being held in Oxfordshire.

Big Yellow Balloon Race - prizes for both the owner and finder of the furthest travelled balloon! Race to be launched in Carterton, Oxon, with the help of the Rt Hon David Cameron MP on Friday 30th March 2007.

Leeds Rhinos Raffle - a pair of tickets to one of 6 home games between April and September 2007. The following games are:
• 10th April - kick off TBA - WIGAN WARRIORS
• 27th April - 8.00pm - CATALANS DRAGONS
• 1st June - 8.00pm - WARRINGTON WOLVES
• 10th August - 8.00pm - SALFORD CITY REDS
• 14th September - 8.00pm - WAKEFIELD TRINITY WILDCATS

Sheffield United FC Raffle - a pair of tickets to a Sheffield Utd home game, match to be selected by SUFC.

Draw date for the raffles is 2nd April 2007.

Tickets are £1.00 each and can be purchased by sending a cheque or postal order payable to THE YELLOW RIBBON FOUNDATION, 16 Latimer Road, Carterton, Oxon OX18 3SE. Please enclose a SAE for us to return your raffle or race ticket receipts.

Please Note - the closing date for Balloon Race tickets via the post is Wednesday 28th March 2007. Numbers are limited so get in quick!

Closing date for raffle tickets via post is Saturday 31st March.
It's certainly recognized in the states as a sign of supporting the troops
Wikipedia entry

Note the history goes back a long way

Early Puritan history

The song/poem "She wore a yellow ribbon" has appeared in various forms for at least four centuries. It is based upon the same general theme. A woman of destiny is under some sort of test or trial as she waits for her beloved to return. Will she be true to him? This seems to be the lingering question and the basis for a great unfolding drama.

The song appears to have been brought to America from Europe by English settlers. The origin of the yellow ribbons seems likely to have come from out of the Puritan heritage. It was during the English Civil War that the Puritan Army of English Parliament wore yellow ribbons and yellow sashes onto the battlefield
Yellow Balloon Appeal Pte Michael Trench
Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 8:51 am

Ladies and Gents,

I have been requested by a family friend to bring the above appeal to your attention in the hope that it will generate some interest.

Michael was killed in action by a roadside bomb in Basra on Sunday 21 Jan this year.

Though his family are obviously devastated by their tragic loss they have launched a charity appeal in his memory.

The Yellow Balloon appeal is selling balloons for £1 each and the intention is to have a mass balloon launch in Michaels memory on Thursday the 5th April 2007.

Michaels mother is donating all the proceeds of the appeal to the Neo Natal Unit in Sunderland General Hospital.

What better way to remember a fallen comrade than for his memory to help save other lives.

Any members wishing to purchase balloons for this worthy cause are requested to ring Jan Hall on 0191 501 8103

Please give generously.
Apologise for cutting in on this post but as it's related I hope it isn't being too naughty.

Thank you all.


Would the Moderators please remove the previous 2 posts into their OWN thread as it is neither fair to my own topic, nor the other member's fundraisers, to be in the one place.

I would also please urge members on here to buy Yellow Ribbon Foundation balloon race tickets on sale through eBay as we are of course hoping to raise ONE THOUSAND POUNDS for Headley Court - the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre - and I am sure that you will all agree this is a very worthwhile cause, bearing in mind it is Military related.

Big Yellow Balloon Race

Thank you.


Cor nearly 400 views ... just think, if each time it was viewed someone put in a quid for Headley Court we would achieve our target this week!

btw did anyone see the brilliant plug we got on Soccer AM this weekend?


Last couple of days to help raise a GRAND for Headley Court .... tally so far on money raised is just over £500 so we are only half way there and it would be a real shame if such a worthy cause was not to benefit to the best of people's abilities.

Afterall, if everyone currently online and viewing this site right now was to donate just ONE QUID then Headley Court would stand to receive a guaranteed extra £374.00


An update on this can be found HERE

The 2008 Balloon Race tickets will be on sale this summer and is to be held on Saturday 30th March 2008 as part of "Yellow Ribbon for the Forces Week".

A total of £1200 was raised during the awareness week, making an overall total of £1500 donated to Headley Court from The Yellow Ribbon Foundation.

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