Yellow/Red Cards

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by wombraider, May 5, 2008.

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  1. I've tried using the search facility, but cant find anything.

    Basicly just wanted to know what the score is with the yellow and red cards that recruits have to show the instructers

    Im re -joining the infantry soon, and there were no cards when i did my training the first time.

    cheers guys
  2. Never happened Another army Myth
  3. I thought that the entire yellow/red card fiasco was binned years ago, if indeed it ever happened at all!
  4. Seconded.
  5. They should be allowed.

    Provided a disclaimer is signed that accepts an NCO can smash their face in should the offending card be used.
  6. Spams have the same myth

    Stress Cards

    However, linger here long enough and someone will be along to swear blind that it’s true, not that they have ever seen them in action, but a mate of a mate was a training NCO who handed in his tapes because he strongly disagreed with them (or something like that) :roll:
  7. Didn't this come about by under 18s having a yellow card and over 18 having a red to allow the NAAFI staff to see who could drink (Before you get ID cards)?
  8. I was a training screw for a 6 years teaching luverly RAF types and never ever saw or heard of or was briefed about these cards even though I was instructing at the very time they "Were policy" according to t'internet c ocks.




    PS Army my arse-you ain't passed ot till you have gone through the arduous 12 ex that was CPT!!!!!
  9. Just as a final answer to this, Red and Yellow cards were issued during basic training (in Winchester anyway). I went through basic in '96 when I was 17 and I recieved a yellow card to advise to NAAFI that I was under 18. The Red card was for those over 18 and who could 'legally' drink.
  10. That sounds about right. They werent used at Pirbright because, in a blindingly unusual piece of common sense, recruits werent (arent?) allowed to drink there in any case.
  11. I did my basic training at glencorse and we wernt allowed to drink in the naafi, then at ITC we could only drink in the naafi at weekends