Yellow line around input fields + private message window

1. MittMayo mentioned this in the ARRSE Challenge Coin thread:

(Is anyone else getting an annoying yellow box around the text box when replying and the text jumping up and down?)
I noticed this as well, but thought it was my crappy computer. Whenever I type text into an input field (subject title, body, etc) there appears a yellow line around the box and the cursor can't get past the input box size (jumps back up to the last visible line you've typed). I don't know what caused it, but I get this since a few weeks.

2. The popup box for "new message in inbox" often gives an error message "page not found". I noticed earlier something in the pathname is missing, but forgot to copy it. Will try it next time. If you refresh the page I do get the correct "visit message here" linky and "close" linky.

Can make screen shots if wanted.



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What browser are you using? A shiny 10p piece says that it'll be IE.
There is a thread on that somewhere in here, with a fix I think.

It would have been about 3-4 months ago, but there aren't that many topics to have a quick sift through!

IIRC it's either a Shift+F5 or fully clear cache job, but I may be wrong.
Sixty said:
What browser are you using? A shiny 10p piece says that it'll be IE.
Indeed! I installed firefox just now because I couldn't be arrsed to reinstall IE. Still get the yellow line, but the cursor doesn't jump up and down.


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