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Yellow handbags.

Not really a topic but who remembers the yella handbag and how can i get me bell ringers on a 10 pack in the uk without travelling back to Boxhead country? cheers.


Book Reviewer
1988 - Germany. Friday afternoons in the Troop Rest Room, with yellow handbags collected over the week as troop fines...nobody was immune, Troopie downwards (he bought a lot !). Great beer session, followed by Troop marching en masse down to and into the Sqn Bar. They really were good days...
redsquirrel said:
My local offy does Asbach...mmm, loverly!

I wish I could get hold of Kummerlings as well, though.
Asbach Uralt?? i miss it so so so so much too where can i get a bottle? i used to love that stuff.
The yellow handbags for a mate but the asbach.... now that little fecker ...if i could get one.............is miiiiiiiiiiiiine :twisted:

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