Yellow handbags

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jcm649, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. Going to have my brother down for some meat burning on an open fire, and of course lots of beer to drink. Now, as we both spent many years repelling the Soviet hoards in the fatherland I thought it would be only decent to have a pile of yellow handbags for the occasion, anyone know if they can be got in UK or does it mean a long shopping trip by car?
  2. I've searched high and low mate - don't think there are any outlets. However - you can try these
  3. depending where you are you could try Lidls, they sold them not so long back in my neck of the woods
  4. Try Nettos
  5. I was in Osnabruck last year and bought crates of Herfy but couldn't find the yellow handbags anywhere.
  6. it happens, I have a big fuck off van and quite fancy a trip back to the Fatherland for a spot of reminising

    How about I go to the brewery in Herford (where incidentaly I spent 4 exellent years at 7 sigs) and bring a load back?
  7. I wouldnt bother - its bloody expensive here now!! Go to Edeka or Kaufland and buy your herfy in crates - its a damn site cheaper.

    And just to sh1t on the yellow handbag dream - the're blue now!!
  9. Blue Handbags its jist no the same :(

    I'm lucky that I always preferred Wobbly or even better Iserlohner, at least we can get Wobbly in Blighty noo.

    Try the Polish Offies for the more obscure but known to us beers
  10. No more yellow handbags? Oh well, that's the end of an era. <Retires to corner and sobs quietly.>
  11. As I said I made a trip to Osnatraz last year and I'm keeping some of the spoils under armed guard until this year's giant barbecue!

  13. and how fucking difficult is it to get senf in wales?
    best i've managed is some polish stuff from asda :(
  14. Thank goodness, its only beer.
    I started having Rowco flashbacks