Yellow 28

Jim returns after a year working in the far east. He is suffering from a very rare and ultimately fatal disease and the experts have told him that it is so rare that his is only the tenth known case and it has not even been given a medical name yet. For now, it is only referred to as yellow 28. This is due to the fact that at some stage, he will turn yellow and when that happens, he has only a month left. Jim has no wife or relatives and no future to plan for, so, he decides to do the thing that he's always wanted to do...Gamble, big time. Face it, who cares if he loses. He draws out all of his considerable savings and goes to a big Casino. He bets lavishly all evening and wins and wins. It doesn't seem to matter how reckless his bets are, they all come off. By the end of the evening he is winning a fortune and has a big crowd round him, copying his bets and cheering every time he wins. Eventually, the tables manager discreetly takes him to one side and asks him to cash his chips in before he and the crowd break the bank. He goes to the cashiers office and the Casino manager is there. He shakes Jim by the hand and says. "I've been in this business for over thirty years and never, never, ever seen such luck. You must be the worlds most lucky man, congratulations." Jim replies. Oh yes, I'm really lucky I am, I'm so fuckin' lucky that I've got yellow 28." The Manager shouts. " I do not fucking believe it, he's won the freaking star prize draw as well."

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