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Yellow 24

Bloke wakes up to find that he is bright yellow all over. Worried, he visits his GP whereupon he is admitted immediately into intensive care. The consultant tells him that he has an extremely rare condition known as Yellow 24. The yellow is obvious, he says, and you've only got 24 hours to live.

Shocked, the man rushes home, tells his wife and says, "If I've only got one day to live, I'm going to make the most of it and do something enjoyable I've never done. Any ideas darling?" The woman thinks for a second and says, "I know! Come with me to bingo. That'll be a first!"

At the bingo hall, the man wins everything, 4 corners, diagonals, lines, full house and even the roll-over. A bloke comes over and says "Unbelievable!! First time here and you win everything. You lucky barsteward!" "Oi," the man responds, "Lucky, I've got Yellow 24!"

"Fcuk Me" bloke shouts, "He's won the bloody raffle as well!""

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