Yediot Ahronot: IDF in decline.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Jul 30, 2007.

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  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Shouldn't have listened to Rummy and bought all that Gee Whiz shiny kit from the Yanks........

  3. And where is this any different than any country in the world including the UK and the Russian Federation. Political leaders have always sent other people's sons an daughters into danger while looking after their own . This hardly rates as news in my opinion.
  4. Though there are some exceptions. Son of genaral Shpak (commander of Russian paratrooper forces then, now he is a governor) was killed in Chechnya. Sons of American generals (at least some of them) don't sit in comfortable armchairs in Pentagon as well.
  5. And? WTF is your point?
  6. As for British politicians, business and financial elite, those that really own the country then they prefer not to send their kids to such unhospitable places as Iraq or Afghanistan. Or maybe there are exception?
  7. Sergey, if we're going to talk about politicians children etc., then you'll be extremely hard pressed to find any in the military in the UK, USA, Russia, France, et al.

    This isn't news, this is well known the world over, and I would question your motive. You have a problem with Israel, that's been established.
  8. Personally I haven't any problems with Israel. Nice people, inventive, friendly (to those who are friendly to them).

    My motives are simple. I'm here just for fun. I'm fond of conversting, ranting with those who like this business.

    Your remark about children of politicians, tycoons, who as a rule avoid military service is generally correct. Moreover, it is interesting to look at (though rare) exceptions.
  9. Sergey ensures that the british military is up to snuff on all the wrongdoings of Israel (I would never say that disinformation is a full time job for Sergey(s))

    He must have been on holiday last week. Although I would never say that Sergey works for a Russian counter-intelligence agency, and I would never say that he pretty much works 24-7 finding ways to discredit Israel in the most oblique manner possible, and wouldn' certainly ever say that he has nothing but the peace and welfare of the region, as long as Israel isn't in the picture.

    I would also never say that Sergey was an anti-semite, in fact he loves Israel so much that he only wants to effect improvement to the country by pointing out all the anti-Israeli propaganda postings, misguided news posts, and of course the occasional slight when describing his position.

    Sergey elightens us all and certainly has the brightest smile, I'm sure he would shed some tears (Crocodile) if anything ever happened to that sovereign nation.

    I would never say that Sergey has nothing but the truth in mind when it comes to Israel, literally.
  10. Just today I sent 3 e-mails to Israel, to engineers of our partner firm. Likely soon I will visit Israel, Jerusalem exactly. Israel is very valuable country with huge intellectual potential. I use expression 'our Israeli friends' and never use expression 'our Arab friends'.

    Yes, like you it or not I support left Israeli politicians, peace movement and wish our Israeli friends all the best.
  11. a very nice post KGB

    perhaps you'd like to see a film, produced in 1946, only 11 minutes, which includes shots of field marshal alexander and some palestinians.


    then type, Road To Liberty

    i wonder what happened.