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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by roosterboy, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Fellow Arrsers, I'm hoping to get some quick advice from any APC/JPA gurus out there.

    I joined the Army on 22 Jan 1997 and commissioned from the ranks on 14 Sep 2004. However, JPA shows my years of service as just over 6 years.

    Shouldn't my years of service read as 14? I have spoken to JPAC, but they are unable to help. Any ideas as to who I should contact to clarify? I do not have Unit Administrators, as I am in a stand alone post. Many thanks for your assistance.
  2. vauxhall

    vauxhall Sponsor

    You are not alone - this is something that is often raised when I talk to groups on the Financial Aspects of Resettlement briefings. Your paid non-commissioned service from age 21 will count if you are an AFPS 75 member and all of it will count if you are an AFPS 05 member.

    You could drop Pensions Division at SPVA in Glasgow a line (written I am afraid - emails and phone requests do not get the right attention) and ask for a pension forecast. You are entitled to one a year and that would put your mind at rest. Do not be fobbed off with the pensions calculator - it will not confirm your reckonable service as it simply responds to the data you put in!
  3. The information is held on JPA as a 'Balance' of paid service since 21. It is not able to be viewed at unit level.
  4. Ed,

    Does that mean that JPAC should be able to tell me what's recorded on my reckonable service balance? As stated, I had no joy with them before. They fobbed me off to Glasgow.
  5. pm me if you want details