Year of the Volunteer - TA dont count!


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I just found out that it is, apparently, the 'Year of the Volunteer'. Their website lets you input your postcode, select what you would like to do (big list - ranging from Disaster Relief to MENCAP to Lesbian, Gay & Transgender Issues) and they'll tell you who to contact.

However, no sign of the TA, RAFVR, RNR, RMR, etc anywhere. Not even the Cadet Orgs under 'Youth'.

Anyone know if this is deliberate, or accidental? I was thinking of trying to get our Open Day on it, as it is another possible source of Recruits, but a bit concerned that we are banned.

I would ask my RFCA, but they are really not much help in these things - putting it politely....

Edited: BTW, the Special Constabulary are on there, so it's no like they don't allow uniforms!

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