Yeah yeah...I know....

No VCs or DSOs or CGCs or MCs on show?
Could be genuine for once.....maybe?
Walter Mitty hunters are just sad, sad people. Leave the Walts alone.
He's gen. You can tell how his ears have been pressed in against his fizz, SF earphones can only do that, unless you were in the RAC in the 80's..................bonedome assault!!
Walting as a Stab though.
That's ******* Speshul. houses, people, stones, throw...

Most Walt's are lost individuals needing to belong and it is sad and who hasn't bigged up their part when bantering. I remember that time on the balcony, nearly dropped my mars bar trying to fix bayonet after the silencer fell off my Luger.
So a guy is wearing a SAS attached Sigs beret and claims to be from a TA (SAS) unit and the Walt Hunters start losing their shit over it. I do wonder what drives some of these guys, is it a deep seated need to somehow prove themselves.
Wouldn't he be ok wearing the sandy lid with his Sigs cap badge though? I don't see anything walty in the pic tbh. Mind you if he's serving i'd not be wanting my grid being snapped like that & plastered all over social fecking media
He'd be fine wearing it if he's a civvie.
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