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Yeah right.....


He had just as much right as anyone else to win the money.  Did anyone complain when he bought the ticket?  No, so hopefully the money will help him to keep away from criminal activities.  Everyone deserves a chance.  I think i maybe detect a hint of jealousy!!??
Everyone deserves a chance chatbox, absolutely agreed. The first thing he can do, to show he's turned over a new leaf, is to make a sizeable donation to the criminal compensation board


Why should he, he has done the crime and done the time.  If the tables were turned would you be giving money away?  I don't think he should be victimised because of a few mistakes.  If he had not wont he money he would not be paying compensation so why should anything change!
Chatbox, you put forward some very reasonable and thought out arguments.

I however will not.

Because he's a toe-rag, because his crimes have injured people, because he's a toe-rag, because he's still serving a non-custodial sentence, because he's a persistent offender, because he's a toe-rag, and if it had been my property or person he had violated, then my brief would be handing him the invoice now.

Yes he is very fortunate, now let's see if he will do some good for a change  :mad:

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