Yeah! Lets 'tax' the motorists some more!

Maybe start billing the families of incarcarated villans in order to feed and water them, then we free up cash for the victims. Rent the convicts out for cheap labour.
Don't get me started on that. Your elderly family are billed for going into a 'home' if they have any money or estate, why shouldn't criminals with cash or estate etc... have a similar bill to pay?
Nice one, Alien! When at RMAS we still had those hideous steel lids with the point in the inside & an elastic chin strap. I paraded outside the billet one day to go into the field & had absentmindedly left said strap over the rim of my helmet.

With a cry of glee my CSgt leapt over, grasped the chinstrap in his hand and let it twang into my fizzog. That learnt me!
I travel in Germany quite a lot.

I find Der Volk chugging along at walking pace in der strasse a pretty good giveaway that it's a play street.

And then I drive my old 4x4 through the Umwelt zones.:eye:
I find the blue sign at the beginnning a good indictor. :wink:
I find the blue sign at the beginnning a good indictor. :wink:
Personally I think a flashing orange light a better indicator.

Mütze und jacke an, taxi ist unterwegs. :)
Just another example of Kenneth Harry Clarke on his way to becoming a 'Sir' or Lord.

The man is a complete buffoon, a ******* embarrassing liability and yet another example of Cameron's piss poor judgement and stupidity in employing such a twat.
if they cant master staying under the speed limit without fixating on the speedo they probably have more issues with their driving ablity than that.
It makes it more interesting when the cameras are placed on rather steep hills.
Another revenue raising one. Had a letter in the post demanding £60 (reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days) for driving in a bus lane in a nearby town.

It was actually MrsPlume using the car at that point, but that's by-the-by, I'm the registered keeper. She did go into a bus lane, but as she was being good enough to pick me up from somewhere I'm not going to complain at her.

However this awful bit of selfishness, blocking up public transport for all, took place after dark on a Bank Holiday when there were no buses (& no other traffic) on a street where the only signage was painted on the road surface & therefore easy to miss in an unfamiliar bit of town. Cnuts. Still, glad I've contributed to the council's spending on Lesbian Sustainable 5-A-Day Organic Real Nappy Refugee Diversity Coordinators.

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