Yeah! Lets 'tax' the motorists some more!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Break the law and speed then. Its very simple.
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  2. Oh look! Jesus just turned up!
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  3. There are no victims to support from speeding. What a crock of shit!
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  4. I have a cunning plan to frustrate their evil scheme.

    I will cast back their vile plot into their very teeth, I intend to abide by the speed limits. That will teach them.
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  5. This isn't a tax on motorists. If you drive sensibly and obey the speed limits this shouldn't affect you.
  6. You should try living here, nightmare, we get 10 -15 speeding tickets a month and we ignore them all. Speed does not kill stupid drivers kill, there is a difference.
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  7. If you are going to speed just make sure you plough into a group of children, if they are going to give you a victims charge then make some ******* victims.
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  8. Wonder how many people die each year as a result of fixation by driver on his speedo (instrument not trunks) not the road?
  9. None
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  10. I do often find myself watching my dashboard over watching the road when speed cameras are around.
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  11. I like the certainty and total faith you put in your answer, however, how can you be so sure?
  12. if they cant master staying under the speed limit without fixating on the speedo they probably have more issues with their driving ablity than that.
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  13. OK ... people should not break the Speed Limit and should be fined if they do but this change just strikes me as an easy way to make more money but what I would like to see are truly punitive punishments for driving without a Licence or Vehicle Insurance ... but that would be more difficult to collect .
  14. I'm surprised they haven't put tachographs in cars then they can download the info as cars pass feckin' scanners in the road.