Yeah Friday!!

Heading to Edinburgh to see the missus and then watching the rugby in a pub in Glasgow, surrounded by 80+ mainly off duty coppers (from what the missus told me) for one of her mates 30th birthday parties. Looks like I'll be the only Sassenach in the pub! so I'll be keeping my trap shut if England are doing well.
The moment by boss leaves I'm making a start on a weekend binge. Got tickets for Eng v Sco and plan to drink right through to hit Kentish Town Church on Sun just as I lose control of my bodily functions.

milsum said:
fairmaidofperth said:
milsum said:
Rugby and some sex. Might go shopping too.
All of the above!
Interesting. I'll be doing said things with a Scot. Hense the bet. It's not you is it :confused: :wink:

well that's a coincidence, mr fmp is English........... meet you outside Agent Provocateur 12 on the dot then!
Outstanding said:
Seems like the whole world will be pissed watching telly, good time for burgaling!
Got feck all to steal unless you're after a fridge full of Stella...
I thought I would pull up a chair with a few mates and discuss 'what is philosophy?' There is no simple and universal definition and many thinkers consider the task of such a definition to be impossible. The most credible attempt is a nominalistic reference: philosophy is what Plato and Aristotle, Kant and Hegel were occupied with. Perhaps, the single most famous and broadly cited--if slightly eccentric--definition belongs to A. N. Whitehead: philosophy is a series of footnotes to Plato.

If this is true, then Russian philosophy must be viewed as an indispensable part of the Western intellectual tradition since it provides perhaps the most elaborated footnotes to the most mature and comprehensive dialogues of Plato: The Republic and The Laws. Questions of social ethics and political philosophy, of an individual's relationship to a State, of adequate knowledge and virtuous behavior, of wisdom and power, of religious and aesthetic values, of ideas and ideals as guidelines for human life -- all of these are central to Russian philosophy and exemplify its continuing relevance vis-a-vis Plato's legacy and the Western tradition in its broadest sense.

On the other hand I might just wank myself to death.


Twickenham - Pub, Rugby,Pub
On parade from 1100hrs
I'll be in the gods in the North Stand wearing a pink tutu, stripey tights, and beer goggles.
May god have mercy on my soul......
I'm having a "Goodbye to civviedom" party this weekend. There could be some drink involved :plotting: With any luck I'll be watching the rugby on Saturday in stereo and will have hopefully sobered up enough to see the game on Sunday properly. :smile:

Come on the boys in green!
sniper_bob said:
Anti-fouling, rugby, beer, winches, rugby, beer, beer...
I thought you were a sniper, not a recce mech.
I am going to meet up with Mrs B who is currently with family somewhere near Bedford.

Very clear instructions given :

1. Try to be pleasant. Converse lightly and easily . Do not try out your thousand yard stare nor the "silent madman about to snap" routine if bored.

2. Do not drink too much or complain about lack of quality/quantity

3. Do not upset my sister nor her husband (see 1. above)

4. Same goes for my mother.

5. Do not refer to her dog as a "Stinking Fleabag".

5. Do not turn up late Saturday evening and pretend you have to leave very early Sunday morning.

6. Try not to leave a clear imprint of BF Goodrich all terrain tyre tread across the front lawn like you did last time

However I view these more as guidelines. But it will be grim. :frustrated:
Social_Handgrenade said:
jockinese said:
Big effort to spend the whole weekend on the urine and preferably in front of the rugby. Currently in South Wales so may even head into Cardiff on Sunday to savour the atmosphere before finding a pub with a BIG screen!!
I'm led to belive that O'Neils (or some other such pish) in Cardif has a TV the size of the Isle of Wight
Walkabout has the biggest screen that I know of but all the pubs on the main drag will be a nightmare to get served in. Saying that all the Valleys Commandos (Welsh valleys finest slappers) will be down in the big smoke to rape and pillage so its not all bad.
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