Yeah Friday!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. So what plans for the weekend - Rugby Internationals /Footie/ DIY ?
  2. Big effort to spend the whole weekend on the piss and preferably in front of the rugby. Currently in South Wales so may even head into Cardiff on Sunday to savour the atmosphere before finding a pub with a BIG screen!!
  3. Or even a big pub with a small one!!?
  4. Drink, Merseyside Derby, drink, leaving function for some civy, drink, throw up, drink, kebab, drink, crack onto civy, while drinking, get hit by her husband, drink, sleep.

    That should keep me going until at least afternoon scoff.

    I may have a poo sometime aswell, but you never know.
  5. Has to be Scotland stuffing England in the Calcutta Cup
  6. Rugby and DIY and Beer...... am I a stereotype?
  7. Rugby, beer and dressing as Mavis Cruet (willow the wisp) for a fancy dress party .
  8. Steady Trev - its fairly open!! Should be a great game in Wales though!
  9. Damnit, I was planning on watching England stuff Scotland, but now I know the result it's taken all the fun out of it.

    I think I may just spend the morning throwing my manfat on the missus' tits and the afternoon patrolling TK Maxx with a sharp stick.
  10. I shall be spending the weekend, up to my nuts in a rather attractive beautician whose husband is away to watch the rugby.
    Enjoy the game mate!
  11. I will be mostly be getting up at silly o'clock (Z-8) to watch the 6 nations games. After that I will be spending the rest of the weekend in the cnut book, following my virtuoso performance this evening which involved liberal quantities of red wine and Boddingtons that, in turn, led me to tell the Doris a few "home truths".
  12. I will be spending the first part of the day building up brownie points so i can spend the second part of the day in the pub, watching rugby.
  13. Working 2 days in 5 off at the mo :numberone:
  14. I'm led to belive that O'Neils (or some other such pish) in Cardif has a TV the size of the Isle of Wight
  15. Tonight: Cardiff, bit of a do with some ex Welsh Internationals, wake up tomorrow morning trying to kill the parrot that shat in my mouth whilst I was asleep. Tomorrow: Rugby in boozer followed by 40th Piss Up. Sunday: Good "Red Wine lunch", Rugby in the boozer again, eventually arrive home and explain myself to Mrs OFTD - oh happy days........