Yeaaahhh!! A FRIDAY NIGHT Thread!!!!


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I think the surgeon is still looking for his brain!:p

Hope he is well though and back on here soon. It will be interesting to see how a lobotomy affects his posts! ;)
I know I'd prefer a full bottle in front of me over a full frontal lobotomy.


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Is scooping the the medical term?

Like spooning, but messier
Brain operations aren't messy, think they use various size scoops, like a melon one, ice-cream one and a ladle dependent on how much of it all needs digging out. Somtimes the amounts depends on the size of the surgeons dog and whether he's amputated any legs that week.
I bet when he's back after the operation he'll have no self-control, happens a lot after brain scoopings.
Happens a lot before them too, on here.
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