Yeaaahhh!! A FRIDAY NIGHT Thread!!!!

Tut tut. "Spastic" is a highly offensive word. I believe it's "SCOPE" these days ....
By now that euphemism must be well on its way to being regarded as just as offensive & people will insist on a new euphemism before long, & then THAT will become offensive, & so on. What's the point of all that?
Stupid scopes.


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Friday nights on Arrse are just not going to be the same now!
Has he retired and he's getting the bit they took out put back in, just like a knackered cop car going for public sale?
On a Military site - I think that a Guardsman tick-tock-ing about is really essential,along with the iron lungs & throat, to shout louder than anybody else - and to be fair,they are usually well turned out - but how in the hell they can see with that peak on their hats,is beyond me !! =-D

See you on your first Parade back ACAB - AND drinks afterwards..:dj:

Best of Luck mate.

Best of luck ACAB.........'Get on PARADE!'.......soonest!
Ah what the f***. Good luck Sherlock, I hope they have a good cabinet maker to get through and mend the old wooden top.

You do know there is a marquetry for this kind of work.
I am informed that when @ACAB comes out he will have been given several enhancements:
He should get honorory MODship for the time he's under.
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