Yea - Go Team GB

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. As all the other Olympic threads on Arrse seem to focus on the negatives (or soft porn) I feel the need to post the positives.

    Beth Tweddle - stunning routine

    BBC Sport - Beth Tweddle sensational in women's gymnastics qualifying

    Men did well also - through to the Team finals

    BBC Sport - Louis Smith leads stunning British gymnasts in qualifying

    Silver for Lizzie Armitstead

    BBC Sport - Olympics cycling: Lizzie Armitstead wins silver medal

    Win for GB vs Can @ Beach Volleyball

    BBC Sport - Olympics beach volleyball: Great Britain women battle to win

    Well I think its better than yet another thread saying how shit everything is.
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  2. Well, it seems that Paula Radcliffe has had to pull out due to injury.... so bang goes our chances in the sychronised shitting.
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  3. Is there a video of the rest of the team practising?
  4. Outstanding - now what time does Corrie start?
  5. Is there a Follow Through event? We could win that with a team of Arrsers.
  6. Lizzie Armitstead nearly got gold, if she just pushed it a bit more at the end.
  7. Bronze for Adlington in 400m freestyle - good effort
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  8. Don't think she had anything left at the end tbh.
  9. Fair one, looked bloody close though
  10. Dragging the Russian along for the ride didn't help her final push. Good effort though
  11. Why? It is shit.

    I'll bet you're either an officer, or the sort of NCO who says things like "play the game" rather than sticking up for the blokes when being****ed around by aforementioned officer.

  12. Just saying like
  13. Dog, get back in your Cage. Can you not spot RAF Regt THEM? tut tut
  14. Both cycling road races have been cracking. Proper endurance events, lots 8f tactics and a lot of nerve.

    I can take or leave a lot of it but the cycling will be good indoors too.
  15. Still back on thread;

    Liam Tancock third fastest qualifier for 100m backstroke final

    Great Britain's hockey women thrash Japan in opener

    BBC Sport - Great Britain's hockey women thrash Japan in opener

    and Gemma Spofforth through to Womens 100m Backstroke final