"Ye Olde Sapper Inne"

Does anyone know of any Pubs that are run/owned by former Sappers anywhere in the World? if you know of any then add to the thread.

If you were to own a pub as a former Sapper what would you call it and would you add any Sapper Memorabilia or give it a themed look? where would your ideal 'Sapper Bar' be located.

There are pubs in Kent called 'The Royal Engineer' and plenty of 'Lord Kitchener' and 'General Kitchener' pubs to be found.
There's a 'Ye Olde Cannon Inn' in Low Fell Gateshead that is full of army memorabilia. Don't know if the owner is an ex-sapper or ex-anything though, but I did consider nicking the pair of ammo boots they had on a shelf once.

That bloke on heartbeat, the old police sergeant who runs the bar, wears a RE corps tie.

I also noticed one, possibly two, of the screws on the film Scum wearing a corps tie aswell.

If I ran my own bar I would definately have a monkey, painted in the corps colours, on the bar ready to be filled with gopping bevvy to be drunk by some gobby civvie wide boy sprog who thought he would just pop for a skinny latte pint of shandy or something with his student grant mates.
Mate of mine ex RE has a bar in Playa las Americas Tenererife, look him up its behind Linikers Bar, his names Pete, top fella.

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