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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RedMistUK, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. Neo

    Neo Clanker

    :oops: Ah Bullet, you maggot, taking an easy shot at the 33 boys again are we, well you total p***k why don't you just p*** off :lol: and do something useful instead of having adig at them. Or maybe get off the thread, A Toh more like R Sole!!!!! If you notice the site is an American Company and my mate knows the guy, hence the 33 connection, my mate is no longer serving and works on the Civ Div side now. Also the photos are all superimposed.

    Regards to all AT/ATO who are not all tossers at all but work together in the SAME Army!!!!!!
  2. Just trying to figure out your meaning to the above Bullet Fixer?! to sappers (unlike your Parent Unit no doubt), the thongs in question are for girlfriends, wives etc. as they are female thongs, obviously you are quite interested in wearing a pair yourself going by your statement above and also given the fact that you actually went looking for and 'FOUND'!!! the said girlie thong!!! I am just sorry that they don't come in a shade of pink for 'Secret Closet Girlie Thong Wearing ATO's' like yourself, maybe you should open up your own brand of 'Bullet Fixing' Thongs for yourself and your mate/s... by the way, what are you doing in the Sappers section of the Forums anyway, you must be either lost or what we all suspect - just plain and simply jealous of the Corps you would truly have loved to have had the bottle to join in the first place?! I doubt you are lost due to the slur on "THE" Corps you made, go back to stacking your blankets oh, and "fixing" your 'bullets' Yaawwwnnnnnnn.
  3. Yes, you're right, lack of bottle obviously. I remain in awe of your EOD skills and inherent bravery. Must get myself one of those lovely EOD mugs so people will think I'm a real bomb disposal hero. :?

    Nice bite by the way! :lol: :D Must go, blankets to stack etc 8O .
  4. LOL who's biting now...
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Maybe this could develop into a real RLC v RE EOD thread.

    We've only got about 6 of those running already....................
  6. Chimera, Understood - Roger, Apologies - OUT
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I got very bored of AT/ATO v RE EOD taunts, so don't get involved anymore.

    Best advice is to ignore the nasty men and, unlike herpes, they'll go away.
  8. Hmm Totally with you on that one Melchett old man...
  9. Quck not for Bullet. I was with the Joint EOD Gp on Telic 1. We lost both RE and RLC EOD operators on that tour so it dont matter what cap badge you wear dead is dead. Still all the same Army.
  10. Maybe Chimera and Melchers can organise an EOD forum and that can be the opening statement as alot of people tend to forget the mates we lost.