YAY i stopped smoking with the help of these and it worked

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by daz226, May 11, 2011.

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  1. Ok my biggest problem has always been smoking and at one point i got up to 40 a day and it was a nightmare trying to go cold turkey as i have the breaking strain of a kit kat but i have now found the answer and it works. A few months ago i came across a site called safercigs which sells Electronic Cigarettes now these bad boys are just like a real fag only they dont smell and they actually give you a good throat hit. i started using one and now i dont smoke normal cigarettes i still smoke the ecig but its worked so good for me i feel better and smell better now this is proper 21st century smoking and the best part is i can smoke in pubs with out going out side. and they dont cost as much as i thought they would i only paid £12.50p for a starter kit and that was it apart from the carts that you need and they are mega cheep
    give it a ago safercigs Electronic Cigarettes starter Kits check him out all i can say is they worked for me

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  2. YAY! You're a cock!
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  3. why would that be because i just shared a experience that worked for me. you dont have to like it but i would thank you to keep ya filthy mouth shut
  4. suck my hairy nutsack you fuktard.
  5. lols and you post in the Intelligence section thats ironic being as though you display the intelligence of a wart hog now go play with a spade on the m40 and grow up son
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  6. Electronic fags, eh, what next, big 'C' spray!!!!
  7. A you post your spam advertising shite anywhere you please. It's no problem though, as your shit will be deleted by a MOD soon enough.

    In the meantime - have you considered sharing needles? Perhaps rubbing it in pigeon shit, or the puss ridden anus of a cat, before main-vein-ing it?
  8. How about just stop smoking. Worked for me and I haven't had one in 30 years. So take your e ciggy's and yay someone else numbnuts.
  9. Fight, Fight, Fight Yippee.
    10 bob on smudge
  10. Besides all the cool kids smoke. You also save cash on haircuts/razor blades when you get cancer.....and issued a Gucci bandana.....so it's a win-win.
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  11. AAGF


    Spamming twat. Why, you might ask, do I call you this? Your first ever post is advertising some product. To quote my learned friend Smudge: "suck my hairy nutsack you fuktard."
  12. Fuk me drunk i was just letting you guys know what worked for me so whats with the the mouth.....what a bunch of fuktards some of you are ffs its advice you blind fuckers only advice
  13. Fixed that for you.
  14. You'd like that wouldn't you. You raving bender.

    Can you post some photos of your mum being gangbanged by 14 nigerian dope peddlers.
  15. lols check you the big keyboard gangster with the mouth.......met many like you and will again lols easy to gob off behind a keyboard and look tough you hard man lols ohhh the lols