Yay I passed out! All your basic training questions answered

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by soldier.a, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. You may remember about 7 or so weeks ago I made this post about passing off the square and offering to answer any questions anyone had about phase 1 (I.e. basic) training. As I said in the thread, I would answer more questions as soon as I passed out.

    Well I have now passed out (The pass out parade was something I will never forget) and am off to phase 2 training at Bovington soon (I'm a tankie) and after much drinking I'm recovered enough to answer more questions about phase 1 training for those who have them. Feel free to ask away even if you think it's a stupid question as god knows I had enough of them before I went.
  2. So what was phase 1 training really like then????
  3. Hi Soldier... Well done you for passing out. Now your onto the next stage in your life. :D What was on your kit list for basic training. I have been given the green book but wanted to make sure I havent missed anything. Any tips? :D
  4. I award you 5 baboons for using the word "Yay!" like a big mincing fem.
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  5. Whatever you imagine it to be like is different from how it really is. For example in some areas it's actually easier than you thought, in others much, much harder. It's too general a question to answer properly as I could be here forever but initially the days are long and everything is really hard as you don't know what to do. Eventually you get into the routine and things become easier in that respect as the lessons and the physical side gets harder but you'll cope with that. After week 7 the pressure eases off slightly but by then your hardly in camp as your out doing loads of different things such as exercises, adventure training, range camp, etc.
  6. Where did you go for your battle field tour?
  7. Certain items are necessary like the iron and whatnot, 90% of the rest are not as you are provided with the items you need. God knows why they tell you to bring it all. An amended kit list I would have brought would have been (With hindsight that is...) as follows...

    Toiletry kit
    Pair of trainers
    Flip flops.
    Some underwear (The more pairs the better as washing them could be a pain sometimes)
    A few pairs of black sports socks
    PJ's (I slept nekkid though, heh heh)
    Sewing kit (For when your buttons inevitably got ripped off)
    Two towels (Black or green, definitely no other colour)
    Coat hangers (We got given them but take your own as you could never have too many)
    Hair dryer (Not for your hair. Read this post)
    Ironing board * (A good one but only take it if your getting a lift to the base otherwise its not worth lugging around. Naafi ones are shit.)
    Your phone
    A small torch & batteries (Headtorch is best. I recommend rechargables too)
    MP3 player (It will be confiscated for the first 7 weeks unless you manage to hide it. You will be too busy to use it anyway probably)
    National health service card.
    National insurance card
    P45 (if held)
    Birth certificate
    Any legal orders
    Driving license.
    Four photos

    Civvie clothes are useless for the first 7 weeks as your just not allowed to wear them so anything else not on that list can be brought back with you when you return after your long weekend.
  8. At any point whilst on exercise were you attacked by a badger?
  9. Belgium. It was crap, mainly because it was far too rushed. When you see what your going to see you want some time for contemplation and there just wasn't any. Plus you have to pay for it out your own pocket!! In fairness though you get about 90% of the money back.
  10. There where at least three different occasions where the training staff contemplated giving us live ammunition to fend the little feckers off!! Beware of the badgers!

    On a serious note though I was attacked by a sheep in Brecon but nobody wants to know about THAT incident...
  11. Wrong! Lets have it. :lol:
  12. Well done, soldier.a

    Were there a mix of recruits training for different regiments, or was everyone going to the same regiment?
  13. How big is your wepin!!11!!
  14. what colour was the boathouse?
  15. Hello soldier... Me again lol.... I have read on your past thread that if you go to basic in a suit, you have to wear it for the next few days. If this is the case, could you change into civvies for those few days? Surley you want to make a good impresion but feel like crap lugging your holdall around all day? What do you sergest? Huge thanks. :D