Yay! I can now ask for your real names if someone calls me a fool by law!


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Can someone clarify the law on this?

Changes to getreading comments policy - News - getreading - Reading Post

There's a big change happening to the getreading comments section from today due to a ruling from the Information Commissioner.

From noon the usernames of people leaving comments on this site will be replaced by their real names.

The change is due to a Freedom of Information request by regular commentor rogerPC Bushescents who felt it was unfair that he/she (we’ll find out RogerPC Bushescents’ true identity at noon) did not know the true identity of the people calling him a fool.

The Information Commissioner Dame April Graham ruled in his/her favour and has forced getreading to change our comments policy from noon.

Website editor James Ashford said: "This is not something we wanted but we have to comply with the ruling.

"Apologies for any embarrassment this may cause."


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Uh huh. Check calendar.... We shall see.


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And papers dont do April Fools?
April Graham? Not unless Christopher Graham, who is the Information Commissioner, has undergone gender-changing surgery...
Therefore your a ****ing helmet king walt and guess what youll know what my real name is .....


Phillip, Phillip how does one delete ones post on this site?


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Well its an official post from a paper!

A bit like one of the papers today having a royal wedding web site and announcing that it ha been cancelled.

I know if this did happen I would be asking for all my posts to be removed and my account would be closed.
A poisson d'Avril I think. What a knucklehead. What an imbecile. signed Barack Huessein Obama (aka Barry Soetaro) ;-)



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