Yay! Another General Election Thread!


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I know, I know! We're all fed up with General Election threads. But I was thinking (and it's probably a rare and dangerous thing), who would I love to see as PM? I'm not talking of all those politicians who are more interested in rubbishing their opponents than telling us what they will do, but who, out of all the British people, seems to be the most Prime Ministerial? Who would look good, sound right and have that je ne sais pas that would make them Statesman (or Stateswoman) like?

I remember in the film 'Love Actually' watching Hugh Grant play the part of PM. He wasn't bad at all. But then I think of Sir Patrick Stewart, and his authoritarian look, his quintessential Britishness (despite living in the US for years). So I nominate Sir Patrick Stewart as PM, and Hugh Grant as Deputy PM. Who do you nominate?

And how long before this is sent to the hole?
Bit early for boozing


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PM - Al Murray
Deputy - Katie Hopkins
Jacob Rees-Mogg, would be quite amusing and would tear Corbynistas to shreds
I vote for Teresa May

Winston Churchill was decent enough. Can we have him back again?
Nicola Sturgeon for PM just to watch Arrse implode on the day.
If we are bring people back from the dead, I would like Mrs Thatcher from circa 1984 please.


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