Recently started training to join TA and am doing couple of miles twice a day but cant stop F*****G yawning whilst doing it! :? :?

Not tired or bored, quiet the opposite.

scared to ask......any ideas?????? :oops:
Google found this:

Yawning is a normal stretching mechanism. Its similar to stretching other muscles in the body. Normally we stretch when we feel we need to. Our muscles contract and squeeze the blood in the veins which is poor in oxygen and have it replaced by new oxygenated blood giving us a feeling of renewal. That isnt the only reason why we yawn obviously. Its also a contagious phenomenon, which hints at a strong psychological effect. Many theories have been proposed it remains a mystery why we should yawn to start with.

Now about exercising and yawning excessively. You are not the only ones. Its been documented in some rare individuals. Again no scientific explanation has been found. The important thing is to rule out obvious causes: sleep deprivation, general fatigue (prior to exercising), some antidepressants (SSRI-class antidepressants like Prozac) can all cause excessive yawning.

If what you have is non-stop yawning and not just excessive yawning during exercise, then you should consult a doctor. This could be a sign of an underlying vasovagal (heart rate and blood pressure) problem.
Hope it helps!
Thinking about it..yawning is your bodies way of getting more oxygen into the body, that is why you yawn when other people yawn as on a physcological level your brain thinks that becuase other people are yawning the oxygen levels are depleting and you'd better get your fill before it runs out.

With regard to exercising, if you have just started, do you fatique badly during your run? It may just be that your brain feels that your body needs more oxygen to keep you going, hence the yawn.
You're probably not breathing correctly. I know it sounds stupid, and most people dont ever have to give a second thought to their breathing techniques, but it can make a huge difference to your performance.
Try and develop a rythm whereby your breathing is synchronised with your gait.
many, many people who use the gym that i go to, yawn alot when they use bench press etc. probably because a lot of effort exerted and hence the need to get rid of CO2
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