It's rubbish most my mates are in the army and they all have OCD so I'm sure you will be ok
Start drinking heavily.
@ jayabbo, thankyou mate, happy days.
@ eodmatt, I might be being a complete div now but I dont get your comment :lol: please explain :D


Try the Royal Siganls you will love it. They cater for all sort of OCD. Inparticular big tent OCD, brush OCD, mine tape OCD and catering to cnuts OCD. Just think of it as going to one of those music festivals (without the music)
LOL, Im gonna go ahead and keep the rifles as my first choice, I am free of symptoms now and have been for 2 years, any advice on the fitness side of my question?

Yes, start drinking, heavily! It's the advice I give to everyone. No charge.
LOL, you would think, but he's got 6 kids so im pretty sure he's straight, although when he's pissed he does tend to mince about a bit :lol: it's just his taste in music leaves a lot to be desired.
If I batted for that side don't you think i'd join the navy? :p

No disrespect to any navy guys reading this, especially not marines, I like my nose how it is :lol:
You would be joining the rlc I've been told if that's how your swing ???