Yasser Arafat- assassination a la Litvenenko?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HectortheInspector, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Why the Russians, particularly?
  2. Prior to the Russian hit number of detected polonium assassinations =0

    So, if you KNOW you got away with it in in one case, why shouldn't you keep on using it until caught? (and the London job was an utter fiasco-No way could that be hidden.)

    The isotope was quite rare, and basically you need to be a high end industrial and nuclear weapon state to handle it. Now the Israelis COULD have done it, but their tradecraft tends towards the noisy and highly explosive, and, quite frankly, by the time of his death Arafat was yesterdays man. His old fashioned nationalism didn't fit in with the jihadi culture spilling out of AQ and Iraq. He was more useful to them alive and causing disruption to the other Palestinian factions.

    I don't know WHY the Russians would have chosen to remove him. I simply suspect that the choice of material and tradecraft suggests that they COULD have done, and there are few other states with the ability to obtain and deploy the toxin.-The US, French, Ourselves, the Chinese, or (at a push) the Iranians.
  3. Fair do's, all the above have both the Means and the Opportunity. And equally, perhaps, the Motive? I agree with your bit in para 2 about the Israelis. Remove them and you're left with the definitive list of the world's biggest shit-stirrers.

    God Bless Uncle Sam, and Nephew Tony.
  4. Moneys on Hamas - he'd become a liabilty the moment he shook hands with Rabin.
  5. I Posted this on another thread, but I'd put my money on Hamas - he'd become a liabilty the moment he shook hands with Rabin.
  6. I hope that whatever it was hurt the stubbly little ****** more than can possibly be imagined.

  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    There a now three seperate threads running on this. Does no one use the search function any more?

    FWIW, Arafat was an evil ******, I for one don't miss him and I really can't be arsed to worry about the method of his demise.
  8. But did HAMAS have access to the means? If not, they would have merely been acting as a willing agent for someone else.
  9. Isn't Polonium a bit of a feather touch for guys who love RPGs, AKs and funny vests?
  10. Big pals with Iran.
  11. HAMAS appear to be a bit of a 'rate tart'-They also took big cash donations from the Saudis, which is more in keeping with their flavour of Sunni Islam.
    The problem with old Yasser was that he had more dirty laundry than almost anyone else in the Middle east, dating back to the Cold War, and a decreasing number of people who saw any use in him. It's not surprising that someone would want to off him, but for which of his many sins?
  12. My university tutor, who new Arafat personally, told me that he had cancer several years prior to his death.

    He also accurately advised me of the immenent demise of King Hussein of Jordan.

    Arafat had lukemia, or "a mystery blood disorder" as reported in the news.
  13. Undoubtedly true, but that wouldn't stop someone hurrying the old man along.