YarS' anti-west Russian apologist thread

Ladies and Gentlemen,
After the joys of those well know putinbots the KGB Collective's attempt to divert attention away from the crimes of 'his' country another champion of the USSR has appeared. To keep the Ukrainian thread dealing only with Ukrainian stuff I though I'd provide YarS with his very own anti-west/US/NATO playground where 'he' can rant away about the victim-hood of Russia, the conspiracy of America/NATO/UN/Jews/Space aliens/Sodomite snipers to keep the Soviet Union from it's rightful place as world overlord champion of the downtrodden poor and any other old shit 'he' might like to fling about.

In your own time, carry-on
Oh no! Only I want, to know your (personsl and unofficial) meaning of word "invasion". Can you "invade" to Scotland, if you are almost there?
You mean if British troops go and provide MACP?
If you dont want to use that example, lets use Belize. Imagine - in Belize begins rioting. Law goverment ask military personal of your base to help in maintance of order. Will it be a "invasion" if your troops are almost there?
What has Belize got to do with the price of fish? Do you mean the lawful govt of a country asking Brit troops to help them?

As it's the Arrsehole, you really are a C0ckwomble of the first order

Carried on from Ukraine thread: Chronicles of war in Ukraine
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Ha! Now I begin understand, why you lose your Empire. You lose your "analitic capability", becouse of disinclinstion to hear anybody different from you. "Ignorance is strenght" may be good for "Airstrip 1", but not for multinational empire.
FFS! Read some history. A global empire built on trade trying to fight two world wars.

Remind me, what was Russia doing 1939 to 1941?
Yes. It will be an "invasion"?
Why? They're going at the lawful request of the lawful govt
Yes. It will be an "invasion"?
Don't be more of a dancing chimp than you've already proven yourself to be
I think, no. But I am not a Native-English, so, I can mistake.
Actually, your posts are the equivalent of screen-dumping the contents of a catering-sized tin of Alphaghetti and expecting the resultant mess to resemble a language.
It is not a crime. President can visit any country he want. In Ukraine Consitution are only three reasons to removal President, and running is not one of them.
Dura lex, sed lex.
He ran away, not a state visit. He lost all pretence of running the country as he knew either a trial or a lamppost awaited him. Straight into the arms of his lover Vlad


What you can say about Free France and its Free French Forces were the government-in-exile led by Charles de Gaulle? Were they lawful?
Ha. And what you can say about Poland or Norge goverment-in-exile?
After they were invaded? Get the picture now?

Where's Vlad's lover's govt in exile then? Where's his cabinet and ministers? What country's have recognised his govt in exile?


What country's have recognised his govt in exile?
He was a president-in-exile, and without any recognition exept our. For exsmple - President of Yemen runned from his country, but Saidi try to return him with military power. Legitimacy of power does not depend on its recognition of foreing states. Source of power is force. Armed people.