Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by dogmeat, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. I'd see their tripes danglin' on the end of me cutlass, says I...

    Navy avoiding pirates

  2. Have Phalanx, will travel. Pirates' human rights? My yarrrse.
  3. On the one hand, yarr, it be stupid the navy ain't fighting pirates, on the other, Lewis page? Yarrrr, who be caring what he thinks?
  4. This kind of shIt comes from above - politicians and their masters the spin docters concerned over bad PR. If we truely had a 'Royal Navy, Ready to Fight and Win,' (slightly gash it has at least some punch) with strong political will, financial funding and common sense UK legal backing then maybe we would be taking on the pirates (after all, one of the most traditional roles of the RN)

    As it is we have a Govt who couldn't give a toss or a penny; they have made us subservient to some fluffy human rights legislation and their ten years in 'government' has shown us to be generous and welcoming to any foreigner or native sponging cnut whilst they clearly despise anyone who has done right in their life. Thanks to the society that Bliar & Brown have nurtured we now have this:

    'Royal Navy. Top Class Employers of Top Class People, Modern and Relevant, Capable and Resiliant,' :oops:

    Is it any wonder that RN ships are steering away from pirates when we a fast becoming a nation that seeks the easy way out, legislates to in favour of the criminal and sponger, worries deeply about spin and celebrity whilst caring little for honour, courage and principle and has strap lines such as that? :x
  5. Tough on Piracy, tough on the causes of Piracy....
  6. Deary me.
    If you listen carefully you can hear the low hum of Nelson spinning in his grave...

    Whatever happened to the Royal Navy putting themslves "in harms way"?

    Bring back the likes of Lt Thomas Wilkinson VC RNVR.
  7. i read about this how many years ago now? 1 or 2?

    old news.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Is now a bad time to mention Ipods?
  9. Sod it maritime pikies, sweep the decks with chain shot and let the sharks do their bit, isn't that what we used to do, outside territorial waters of course!
  10. We used to also arrest them, give them a fair hearing in a properly conducted Court of Law and then off the feckers :twisted:
  11. We used to also arrest them, give them a fair hearing in a properly conducted Court of Law and then off the feckers

    Must have been between campaigns, just to demonstrate we were in touch with our feminine side,before we reverted to being hard hearted chaps, bring back the gallows I say.
  12. Pssst Pirates have WMDs but you didn't hear it from me, right?
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Lewis Page, nuff said!
  14. If we had laws to deal with them the Navy would love to.

    The French took the ballsy approach and now have a load of pirates sitting in Paris with a queue of lawyers ready to defend them (with public money) as there is no existing legislation.

    The Dutch still have a brig full of piates on one ship that they can't offload anywhere at all!

    International waters requires an international mandate, or we just waste more public money.
  15. Edited.

    Please stay on topic, without the usual fomaning at the mouth thread derailments. This is an interesting topic, with legal and military ramifications.

    Please don't trash it.